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Review: Equilibrium, by Patti Roberts

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The Paradox saga continues with an impressive twist in the tale. Dark forces are at play and there’s no respite for the guardians and protectors. Grace takes a few more steps towards learning about her legacy, but her impetuousness lands her in the path of danger yet again.

I have been watching out for new releases in this series and I can honestly say this is the best episode so far. Absolutely love the world in which the action takes place, the richness and diversity of characters, the beautiful descriptions and the depth of emotion. Not for the first time, I found myself moved to tears reading scenes written by this amazing author.

I can see how easy it would be to transfer these books into a YA serial for television, and I’m not ashamed to say I would watch it, too, though I’m far out of the age range. Marvel’s Superheroes comes to mind, only on a much wider background, and with a breadth of characters far easier to stage-manage and adjust. The possibilities are endless – so much potential for entertainment! And with a classic battle between good and evil – some overt, some discreet or merely hinted at – this is a winning format that simply can’t go wrong.

Keep it going, Patti Roberts! Five shiny stars!


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The Third Life Changing Read Award Goes To… Patti Roberts

Patti Roberts – Congratulations!

Patti Roberts has received this award for the whole of her Paradox series. 

If you are not familiar with this world yet, you’re missing out. What makes this series a success is the depth of colour and detail Patti has created, combined with a unique storytelling ability. Such talent is hard to find. Patti’s characters are alive, and I for one hope she never stops writing about them. My reviews for the three books are here, here and here.

Welcome to my Awesome Authors Gallery, Patti!


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Spotlight on Paradox – Part V. Featured Author: Patti Roberts


Over vast passages of time, the Grigori would be called many things. In
Greece they called them, Vrykolakas. In Romania, Strigoi.
In the new world they would go by another name. Vampire.
All-powerful Beings continue to fight a brutal war for supremacy – in
the ancient world, and in the new. The Fallen House of Grigori and the
Royal House of Bulguardi. The prize… Mortal Souls.
Spanning over centuries, this is a story about love, loss, and betrayal.
In the New World – Grace is a little girl struggling to understand the
catastrophic events that are forcing their way into her otherwise
seemingly normal, if not sometimes, strange world. Haunting visions and
untimely deaths of others are a constant reminder that life and death
are only a heartbeat away. Grace’s story will indeed leave you asking…
Who, When, Where? WHAT!
My name is Juliette. Nine hundred years ago, I died. Today, I am
alive… This is my story.



Over the last four weeks I have shown you a fascinating magical world created by Patti Roberts. You’ve had the chance to read excerpts from the first two (published) books The Angels Are Here and Progeny Of Innocence, and also Bound By Blood, the third book in the series, due out in October. And you’ve also seen how much effort Patti has put in making her world real.

Today, I’d like you to see other people’s opinions about this amazing story. Here are some of the comments you’ll find when you search for this series:

“I absolutely adored the first book of the Paradox series, The Angels Are Here, and naturally had to pick up the second one as soon as soon as it was available in the Amazon UK store. Progeny of Innocence was an even more amazing, wicked read than The Angels Are Here.”

“Patti Roberts has done it again. Progeny of Innocence sucked me in from the first page and kept me up late into the night to finish. I love the authors ability to blend the old with the new. I could really see this series becoming a movie or tv show it’s so engrossing. I am anxiously awaiting the next book.”

“I had read “Paradox-The Angels are Here” and looked forward to reading the second in the series and Progeny of Innocence did not disappoint. This book had such a captivating story woven intricately between the pages that this reader could not put down the story until its completion. I enjoyed the richness of the characters and all the facades of their personalities. The characters come alive and you can picture each and every one of them with the descriptions the author gives.All the questions I wondered about with the first book were answered.”

“Every time I read another book from Patti her imagination amazes me and the worlds and characters she has created are one of the most original stories I have had the privilege to read.”

“This book was so hard to put down, it was SO good. It was even better than the first. I found that it explained some things that were left unanswered in the first, and I loved how it went more into detail in the past. I’m SO excited to read her next one!”

 “Progeny of Innocence is wonderfully intricate book that blends fantasy, myth and legends into a truly magical tale.”
And they go on – review after review, readers’ opinions converge to one: this series is too mesmerising to be stopped here. Many of Patti’s fans would love it to become a TV series, and I agree with them. There is enough detail and enough research to support a string of episodes already and Patti hasn’t finished writing it yet!
If you’d like to know a little more about what it took to create such an amazingly complex, full world, have a look at these FAQs Patti has collated from various readers:

1. When did you first start writing, Paradox? And did the idea for the book just come to you?

 A: I started in 2009 so it took me roughly 2 years to put the first book (Novella) together.  It shouldn’t have taken that long but I was feeling sorry for myself and nursing a broken heart.  Heart all mended now:)  This also why Paradox – The Angels Are Here is a little EMO.

 I was inspired to write the series by what I didn’t know.  By the questions we as humans have asked ourselves since the beginning of time.  Where did we come from, what happens after we die?  Is there a heaven?  Do our souls live on?

2. Was there any research involved in writing the book especially when the times were in the very early centuries?

 A. I think I have spent just as much research for the Paradox series of books as I have spent writing the story.  Actually I know I have!  Although a lot of that will not actually be evident until further along in the series.  I love writing Grace’s flashbacks of Juliette’s past lives.  I love going back in time and delving into historical events that have shaped our world.  And hopefully bring some of them back to life throughout this story via the characters.

 3. Were any of your characters based on someone you know or the names of the characters?

 A: I do use some peoples names that I have met because they are special to me.  It is my way of having them around.  Hello Natalie, KaSondra, Ella, Jayde and Alex.

4. Was it at all difficult to write about such loss and heartache through out the book?

 A: Surprisingly, no.  I was going through an emotional stage of my life at the time and if anything it allowed me to really “feel” Grace’s loss and put it into words.  I really believe that I would never have been able to achieve that if I wasn’t in that “place” in my life and if I hadn’t gone through something like that myself.  I focused very much on the death of my own mother a few years ago; Mum was very much looking over my shoulder as I wrote it.

 5. As you were writing Paradox did you ever have writers block or did you already somewhat know what the story-line would be before you put the words on paper?

 A: I have never had writers block.  I have so many stories to tell that if anything sometimes I wonder where to start and where to leave off and cut to another scene.  Some people have said that Paradox – The Angels Are Here jumps around during the telling of the story.  And maybe it does.  That is how the story unfolded to me while I wrote it and how Juliette tells it – as she remembers it.

 When people are sitting around telling stories, I think that is how it happens.  Suddenly you remember something from the past, because of something someone else has said, and regardless to where the story is at; you jump in and add it because you know that further on into the story, it is going to be important.  It is very much Juliette’s story now.  I just have the pleasure in writing it.

6. What age groups do you recommend for the readers of Paradox?

 A:  I say 14 and up.  Some would say that some of the subject matters are for an older audience but I disagree.  It wasn’t that long a go in history that a 14 year old girl was old enough to wed and expected to bear children.  In some cultures today they are very much considered adults.   History has also shown us that in order to keep bloodlines “pure” it was nothing if not expected for brother and sister to produce an heir.  Thankfully, the society that most of us live in today does not applaud or encourage this way of life.

 7. I adore the cover [book 1], very beautiful. Who designed the cover and did you have any say in what you wanted it to look like?

A: Being an indie author I was very much solely responsible for the look of the cover.  I searched numerous sites until I found the artwork for book 1 by the very talented Hazel Brown.

 8. Do you have any future plans for Grace and her family & friends with another book?

 A:  The Paradox saga is a series of books.  The first book – The Angels Are Here – was an introductory into the series and is a Novella.  The second in the series – Progeny Of Innocence – is a novel and is due out in November.  The third – Bound By Blood – is due out in 2012 .  I would like to release a new book in the series every year.

9. What was the most difficult part writing the book? Do you have anything you wish you could go back and change?

 A: The only thing hard about writing in general is time.  If I could lock myself up and concentrate on only writing that would be great.  But my friends would think I had gone completely mad and would probably try and have me committed.

 10. Last but not least, did anyone inspire you to write Paradox “The Angels Are Here”?

 A:  Yes and no.  I had just recently gone through a break-up and was terribly “lost”.  I see now that the break-up was an incredible gift.  It handed me the opportunity to focus on other things which I would otherwise had never done.  And those other things turned out to be writing.  The break-up, unbeknown to me at the time, turned out to be my cloud with a silver lining.  Writing has been such wonderful therapy; I have never looked back and I have never been happier.

Katy Sozaeva says: That scene with the cat was brutal – I almost cried and spent the whole time clutching my cat to my chest! (Chapter 8 Kali & Bonga)

Q: Do you write full-time now? If so, what did you do before you started writing? 

A: I don’t write full time yet but would very much like to.   That is my wish.  I have to sell a lot more books though before that happens

Q: Where did you come up with the idea for the Paradox series? Were you inspired?  

A: I was inspired by what I didn’t know.  By the questions we as humans have asked ourselves since the beginning of time.  Where did we come from, is there more after death?  Is there a heaven?  Do our souls live on?

Q: Do you ever base your scenes on real-life?  

A: Some are loosely based on real-life.  For example Grace’s experience during the storm when she felt like her body was being taken over.  The emotion Grace and her mother felt following the death of….. Should I say?

Q: Considering the use of angels, how did you prevent religion from getting too involved with the story?  

A: I actually really like religious stories.  I don’t necessarily believe them.  I think a lot of the bible and religious scriptures in general is the work of a number of excellent fictional storytellers.  I bet they wish they were around today to receive the royalties.  (This is only my opinion and I do not wish to offend)

Q: Who is your favorite character?  

A: That is way too hard to answer.  I love writing for them all.  Some characters though, like Abaddon, Theria, Caleb, and Lyssa are more enjoyable to write for because they are evil and have such overinflated egos.  I also like the Four Ancients in book 3.

Q: Who is your least favorite character? Why?  

A: None – they all belong, all have their part to play.

Q: Are any of your characters based on real-life people?  

A: Not at all.  Some of the characters’ traits are though.

Q: I found the extent of your research incredible. Where did you look to come up with your ideas?   

A: Google, Wikipedia, Google…

Q: What is your writing process? How do you incorporate your research without making it sound like a textbook?  

A: That can be hard for me.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the facts.  I have to allow myself to step away from the facts at times and let myself bend them a little so they can become part of the fictional side of the story.  I am bent on using as much fact as I can in some instances.  Even down to the little things like making sure a characters name in Grace’s flashbacks are relevant to that period of time in history.  What the weather, clothing would have been like, what day of the week it would have been…  I think I do this because whenever I read a book, even a fiction book, I like to have learned something real that I didn’t know before.  For me it gives even the most diehard fantasy story more plausible.

Q: Do you plan to incorporate Abaddon, Siena, Theria, Pandora and Cerberus into the remaining series?  

A: Most certainly.  They are all main characters in the entire series along with a host of characters you are yet to meet.  A lot of book 2 (Progeny Of Innocence) is in Altair – where the Angels reside – including the surrounding areas and the ancient civilizations that reside there.  Lots of legend and myth in the following books.

Q: I was confused by the Angels. The Good vs. Evil. Do they all live somewhere in heaven or do all the evil ones live in hell? I don’t know much about Angel history.

A: In my book, Paradox – The Angel Are Here, I have the Angels living in Altair which is “heaven”.  And “heaven” has been overthrown.  I believe there is good and bad in everything, everywhere.   Are we good or are we evil?  We eat the flesh of animals.  Does that make us evil?  In some people’s eyes it most certainly does.

 Q: Will we see Grace grow to become a teenage girl and eventually a woman? If so, will you incorporate some relatively normal events in your books about this?

A: The Grace side of the story is the “normal” side of the story so to speak.  There are 2 sides of this story – 2 worlds.  In book 2, Progeny Of Innocence, Grace is a teenager.

Q: Is Joshua in the second book? Is he important?

A: Joshua is in the second book.  And yes, he does have an important roll to play.

Q: I have a feeling Abe is an important little boy, will we be seeing more of him?

 A: He is and you most certainly will!

Q: Does Grace have a love interest waiting for her somewhere in the near future?

 A: Oh yes – 2.

Q: Your book made me feel quite a lot of emotions. Do you become worn out from this while writing? Like does it take a lot out of you?

A: Some parts of it are more emotional that others most certainly.  And there is a particular part that made me cry when I was writing it.  I think, regardless of the topic, writers should write with emotion if they want their words to affect the reader.  Whether it be joy, fear or sadness.  Everything we do in our lives is driven by emotion.  Emotion plays a very BIG role in the Paradox series.  Sometimes I jump ahead a few chapters if I’m not in the right frame of mind to write a particular part of the story.

Q: How many hours a day do you spend writing or doing research for your work?

 A: I think I have done just as much research in particular aspects of the series in general as I have writing it.  There is a huge back story going on in the series that has to be taken into consideration.  I couldn’t tell you precise hours per day.  Some hours are spent on the pc, just as many are spent in my head, plotting planning thinking…..  It took me 2 years to put the first book (Novella) together.

This post concludes our wanderings through Paradox. Please leave your name and a way to be contacted in the comments box below this post if you would like to be entered in Patti’s competition (see video clip).

Thank you for staying with us so far and we hope to see you again.

Links to the books (via Patti’s Amazon page)


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Spotlight on Paradox – Part IV. Featured Author: Patti Roberts


Welcome to the fourth part of my spotlight of the Paradox Series and author Patti Roberts. So far, we’ve had a look at The Angels Are Here and Progeny of Innocence, which is still FREE to download from AmazonBarnes&Noble and Smashwords.

Last week I took you along to the site dedicated to this magical world and shown you what an amazing artist and committed author Patti really is. In case you’ve missed them, here are the links to Post 1, Post 2 and Post 3.

Today I’d like to show you a sample from the third book in the series, Bound By Blood, and I’ll try to find out what we can expect to see this time from the Grigori clan, Grace and all her friends and protectors. I really can’t wait until the October release date. I have to know now.

Bound By Blood

Chapter 1 – I Will Remember


New World– Darwin 2009

You will fly and you will crawl; God knows even angels fall. No such thing as you lost it all. God knows even angels fall. It’s a secret no one tells; One day it’s heaven, one day it’s hell.

(Even Angels Fall – Lyrics by Jessica Riddle)


“Run!”  a girl’s voice screamed into the night, breaking the spell of Damon’s kiss, and tearing me away from his embrace.

However, it wasn’t the warning from the blond-haired girl standing rigid with bow in hand preparing to shoot that alerted Damon to the pending danger, but the guttural sound resonating from the throat of the advancing black beast from the shadows.

He swung around, pushing me behind him and then crouched, preparing for the attacking animal.  The menacing growl from Damon’s lips made me shudder.  In the eyes of any mortal, boy and beast were both adept instruments of death in their own lethal way.

“Run!” the girl shouted again over the crashing waves far below as she swiftly pulled an arrow taut in her bow until her fingers rested gently against her cheek.  Then she took aim, released her fingers, and let the arrow fly toward the predator leaping high into the air.  The arrow, true to its target, pierced the skull of the animal dead center between its yellow eyes, felling the rancid smelling beast with a heavy thud at Damon’s feet.  Immediately, as if on cue, with lips pulled back over a row of razor-sharp fangs, another beastly hound leapt forward to take the downed beast’s place.

The blonde girl released another arrow, sending it soaring through the air, and impaling the beast solidly in its hindquarters.  The beast howled in agony, whipped its massive head around, seized the projectile between its fangs, and yanked the arrow, coated with its own blood and sinew, from its flesh with one quick flick of its head.

The animal, although wounded, stayed true to its task.

Its enormous paws drummed the earth as the beast powered forward at an alarming pace. Then, suddenly, it leapt into the air, long claws protruding from its paws, ready for its lethal impact.

The girl shot another arrow, bringing the beast down at our feet. “Get her out of here, now!” she yelled at Damon as a bolt of lightning crackled through the black sky, charging it with an electric humming sound inaudible to the human ear. “I can take care of this. Go!” she yelled, as she aimed and released another arrow. She shot another, then another as further beasts, fangs drooling with threads of saliva, leapt out of the long shadows cast by the walls of the two-story school building.

Damon nodded and called back, “Holly, are you sure you can do this?”

“Yes, go!” she shouted again as she worked another arrow taut in her bow. “I’ve got this. Go!”

Damon grabbed my hand and swiftly spun me around – and we ran… The storm escalated with each footfall, whipping the beautiful long gown around my legs – Grace’s legs. I started to fall, but Damon gripped my hand tighter and pulled me back onto my feet. Muddy puddles of water, from the earlier storm, splashed up my legs as I ran, soiling the skirt of the long gown. I reached down with my free hand and gathered up the layers of fabric in my arm.

I could smell the foul breath of the beast as it thundered behind us along the dark cliff face, each second bringing it even closer. I could feel Grace’s heart pumping in my chest as she struggled against me to take back her body. Another wave crashed, spraying us with a mist of salty seawater. I hung on with all of my strength onto Grace’s body. I was stronger, faster. I could do this. I could save her.

“Are you okay, Juliette?” Damon’s shout is almost inaudible through the howling wind as it whips around us. I nod in response. Inside, I sense Grace shaking her head. Her eyes are wide and frantic, brimming with tears. I try to subdue her, telling her that everything will be okay if she would just let go, close her eyes, and pretend to sleep. Even if she didn’t know it, didn’t trust me, she needed me to take care of her…

“Just a bit further,” Damon shouted, indicating a spot just up ahead. “The rocks begin to fall away just beyond that tree. If we jump out far enough, we will miss the rocks and land on the beach. Can you do it?”

‘Nooo!’ I heard Grace’s panicked voice scream in my head, deafening me until all I could hear was her voice. ‘I can’t do it. The cliff’s too high. Please don’t do this… The fall will kill me!’ I could feel Grace’s fist beating against me from the inside in a vain attempt to escape this insanity. ‘It’s just a dream,’ I whispered to her silently. ‘Go back to sleep, Grace.’ For a moment, I feel her let go, giving me control of her body.

Damon squeezed my hand. “Juliette, are you ready?” he shouted as we neared the edge of the cliff face.

I spun my head around. The beast was only seconds behind us, leaving us no choice now but to jump.

“Yes!” I replied, as I felt Grace gasp, hold her breath, and grip Damon’s hand even tighter. I heard her uttered a prayer, ‘God help me,’ and then, ‘I don’t want to die. Don’t let me die!‘ Grace did something then that I was not expecting. She squeezed her eyes shut, leaving me blind…

I felt nothing but air beneath my feet as we jumped, hand in hand, out into the dark void. Had we jumped out far enough to miss the rocks? I couldn’t tell. I felt Grace’s human body prepare for the fatal impact as every muscle tensed, leaving me with one thought – that I had failed this girl, too. I willed Grace to open her eyes. ‘Please, Grace,’ I said pleading with her. ‘I can’t see. You have to let me see. Please, open your eyes…’  I felt the quickening pulse of electricity crackle through her veins, and then her eyelids shot open, giving me sight once again. ‘Thank you,’ I said silently, praising her.

For a few precious moments, as though frozen in time, we stopped falling and we appeared to float, suspended by an invisible thread from the heavens. All at once, my hearing became amplified, allowing me to hear the most minuscule of sounds all around me – a twang, the flutter of a bird’s wing in flight, a sizzling disturbance in the air currents. Grace’s breathing. Then, the unmistakable sound of death. A morbid pop followed by a sharp crack – the sound of tearing flesh and bones being broken. A garbled hissing sound, as air escaped from a punctured lung, as one of Holly’s arrows tore into the ribcage of a ravenous beast.

A gush of putrid smelling blood and saliva spewed from between the animal’s fangs as it opened its mouth and exhaled one last breath. Then, its lifeless body, contorted by death, crashed on the rocky outcrop far below.

A bolt of lightning streaks across the sky, severing the invisible thread that kept us suspended, and we begin to fall. I am alarmed at how fast the earth below is rushing up to greet us… I turn to look at Damon, searching for answers, but he just smiles, unaffected by the foreseeable death on the rocks below.

For I see now, with absolute certainty, that we have not jumped far enough out from the cliff face. The white sandy beach, which would have cushioned our fall, is still too far away to offer us any refuge from our pending fate.

So this is how this life – Grace’s life – is going to end. I will remember her, of course, just like I remember all the others. This beautiful girl, Grace, who misses her dead father every day, I will remember. The girl who fears the loss of her mother, and being left alone in this world, I will remember. A girl who dreams about a boy, and falling in love, I will remember. The same boy who is going to let her die, so that I may live again, I will remember.

How could I have been so wrong to put my trust in Damon? Had I learned nothing? Was this his plan all along, to sacrifice Grace’s life in a bid to take me from this place?

Grace, sensing her looming predicament, inhaled a sharp breath and screamed, blocking out the sounds from the thunderous claps of thunder and the smashing waves that are crashing violently all around us – just Grace’s scream, exploding in my mind and the sensation of the salty damp air on my skin as we plummet earthward… toward Grace’s death. I see faces flash before my eyes. Kate, Brian, Wade, Angela, Joshua, Abe, Patrick and Zach. Grace is saying goodbye to all those she loves.

“I’m so sorry, Grace,” I whisper. “I’m so sorry.” Then I close my eyes, too, and wait for the end. I will remember.

Do you need any more convincing after this chapter? I most certainly want this book. I have to have it.

Here’s the full description 

Long ago, in an almost forgotten Realm, a race of fallen Angles called the Grigori clash with a ruling house of Angels called the Bulguardi. Their battle changed events in the Ancient World and the New World forever. In a Realm where a year can last centuries and an Ancient magical people still rule, even the immortals face danger. Rising up from their imprisonment underground on Altair, evil has returned and the Grigori are on a destructive path of revenge. When their preferred food source grows scarce, Earth, a world teaming with humans, becomes their target.

Trapped in the middle between the old world and the new, is a little girl cursed with horrific visions from the past. From an Ancient world to the new world on Earth, this is a tale of myth and legend, mayhem and magic, birth and death. A tale of families torn apart, souls searching for lost loves, and evil walking out of the shadows. You can run, but you cannot run forever.

Over the centuries, from the time before time, the Grigori were called many things. In Greece, they called them, Vrykolakas. In Romania, Strigoi. In earlier times, there were others. Other blood-sucking demons that preyed on the innocent. In ancient Babylonia, it was Lilitu and her sistren, who instilled fear among the Babylonians. In the new world, they would go by another name. Vampire.

A world that defies logic and reason. A world that may very well be true: Paradox – The Angels Are Here.

 I have loved and lost in so many different ways. I have died endless deaths… So when I ask myself the question today, who am I? My answer is…I do not know. My name is Juliette. Nine hundred years ago, I died. Today, I am alive… this is my story.

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait.

Where’s Patti? I need to ask her some questions. I need to know more. The more I know, the more I can dream about. It’ll be hard, and the wait will be painful, but I might just make it till October if I had a few details.

Patti, in Bound By Blood, are you going to explain more about the other tribes in Altair?
Oh yes… lots of that – love it…
What? Is that all? Can’t you tell me more? Please? I’m begging here.
Hmm… maybe just a little bit – an excerpt about the Athangker TribeAnother burst of fanfare alerted the crowd to the arrival of the dark-skinned people from the vast, sandy, red dunes.

Diyari, the tribal princess, clothed is tight-fitting camel skins, and her cortège, from the Utopia desert, arrived on foot and Camelback. Tribal warriors carried long spears whittled from the trunks of the batwing tree. Flag bearers waved long poles in the air, mounted with the Athangker Desert People’s sigil, the black dragon claw gripping a large red batwing seed. Ancient cave paintings and stories told by the elders around campfires late into the night tell how the first tiny sand dragons were hatched from the shiny red seeds of the batwing tree.   Then, as legend has it, the Gods turned the small, insignificant sand dragon lizards into the mighty dragons to protect the tribal princess, Diyari, and her people.

The tribal people, painted with the ancient symbols depicting the legends of their dreamtime Gods, were a people rich with traditions that were as vast as the lands from which they came.

All, from the young to the very old, wore layers of ropes threaded with tiny red seeds around their necks, wrists, and ankles to show their reverence to the Dreamtime Gods, and all they created.

Two giant sand dragons, one with red scales and one black with a hint of violet, sauntered lazily along after them. Their towering wings stretched high above their heads, while their powerful tails fanned the cobbled streets behind them, swishing everything aside in their wake. For the Altairian children though, the sight of the majestic desert dragons was awe inspiring, and they ran alongside them squealing with delight. A young boy, running too close, was swept up in the air by the red dragon’s coiling tail, causing the child’s mother to shriek hysterically. The red dragon turned slowly, let out a burst of flames into the air from its long, fanged snout, then returned the giggling child into the arms of his pleading mother.

Are events on Earth going to take a turn for the worse?
Most certainly… character wise.
Is Grace in danger? Does she die? Will Juliette have to transfer to yet another ‘body’ to continue her existence?
Not in this book. However, Juliette has begun to free herself from the confines of Grace’s body – which results in much confusion for our Grace.
Oh, good. At least Grace will still be with us. Hang on. What do you mean ‘not in this book’? That means more books? Thank you, Patti. More books is certainly good news to me.
Are there going to be new characters introduced into the story?
Yes, some fantastic new characters. Especially from the ancient world.
Besides the dragons?
What’s with the ravens? Where do they come from?
The ravens are from Altair, messengers from the Gods.
Come on, tell me more. What secrets are you hiding?
A character learns that she is a descendant of a witch… and about to discover that she is also half Grigori… which would explain her growing yearning for raw meat.
We have a woman in a coma, wearing a raven necklace… and lots more 🙂
Join me again next week for the last part of this spotlight. I’ll be looking at what other people say about Patti. In the meantime, you could enter Patti’s competition (see the video at the top of the page). Please leave your name and a way to contact you in the comments box, below, if you do.


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Spotlight on Paradox – Part III


Welcome to the third part of my spotlight of the Paradox Series and Patti Roberts, its creator. Over the last two weeks we had a close look at the first book in the series, The Angels Are Here (see post), and the second book, Progeny of Innocence (see post). Progeny of Innocence is still FREE to download from AmazonBarnes&Noble and Smashwords.

Now, I don’t want to give away too much of what else I have planned for next week, or the week after, but let’s just say that I will give you a glimpse of things to come.

Today, however, I will take you with me on a magical journey into Patti’s world.

If you want an example of dedication to a story, commitment to a world full of characters and fond devotion towards an audience, you couldn’t find a better one than Patti. She’s done so much more than simply writing a couple of books.

I read her books, out of the blue, and then found this amazing site with more of the same. At that moment, as I was suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, I thanked the Gods and my Angels for providing the perfect balm. Here’s what I mean.


Here’s an artist’s impression of this magical kingdom. Nothing is left to chance. You can see the Royal City of Altair with the Sea of Tranquillity on one side and the Forest of Doors on the other. You can see the Utopia Desert, the Khitan Empire, the Khnum Kingdom and the Ancient Bakhna Rakhna People from the Mountains of An-nasr.

And if being shown who all these people are and where they all live, Patti has given each of them their own coat of arms with a symbol characterizing their own race.

















You can see Abaddon’s snake tattoo on the Grigorian coat of arms, and the raven of the Ancients Bakhna Rakhna. There is a whole story in each one of these pictures.


On another page, Patti shows us pictures of what inspired some of the moments in Juliette’s existence. Mythology and real life combine beautifully to bring us this masterpiece.

There’s music, videos and trailers to soothe and inspire, and even a hypothetical cast which would really allow us to ‘see’ the books as they would appear in film, with a bit of imagination.

There is even a page full of products of various uses in a number of different designs, something I haven’t seen on many well-known authors’ sites. Have a look here, if you’re interested. The sheer range is unbelievable. One thing Patti has got perfectly right is the concept of BRAND.

Go on, take a look at this amazing site. It will be the best hour you’ve spent lost in magic, ever. You’ll come out a different person. I did.



And as if we didn’t already know Patti was a highly visual person, guess what else she does, to keep that side of her brain perfectly well-tuned?

Below is a sample collage of some of the book covers she produced, from a ready-to-buy portfolio. Patti will work with an author to design his or her cover, per author’s specification, and she also does teaser trailers for book launches and promotions, when she has time.

If you’d like to have a look at more of these and watch some of the trailers, here’s the link to that site.

Now, what do you think about Patti? Isn’t she a wonderful artist? Next week, we’ll have a look at the third book in the series, Bound by Blood, which is due out in October. If you would like to be entered in Patti’s competition (see the video at the top of the page), please leave your name and a way to contact you in the comments box, below.


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Spotlight on Paradox – A Magical World – Part II. Featured Author: Patti Roberts


Welcome to the second part of my spotlight of the Paradox Series and Patti Roberts, its creator. Last week we had a close look at the first book in the series, The Angels Are Here. Today I’d like to show you a sample from the second book, Progeny of Innocence, currently FREE to download from Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords.

And just because I knew I wouldn’t be refused, I asked Patti a few more questions, which she graciously answered for me.

In case you’ve missed Part I of the Spotlight on Paradox, here’s a quick link to it.

So, without further delay, here’s a sample I promised you from Progeny of Innocence

Temulun filled her lungs with the beguiling scent of Mother Nature as they walked in silence.  Each completely immersed in their own thoughts.

Then the sounds of hooves pounding noisily on cobbled stones rumbled closer from behind a high stonewall, dissolving their concentration.  They drew closer to the end of the wall and peered out.  A gust of breeze carried another sharper pungent scent overshadowing all that was fresh and crisp.  Booming voices, beastly snarls and muffled voices ten fold echoed through the stony courtyard.

Hidden behind the stonewall they watched on in horror.  From the south they came.  A barrage of armored Grigorian guards; some on horse back, some on foot with giant black spectre hounds, almost the size of a horse, hunched and hovering by their sides.  A slow moving throng of prisoners as far as the eye could see moved clumsily along the cobbled path.  They were pushed and shoved forward toward covered enclosures where they would later be sorted.  Some would become breeders to replenish the dwindling food stocks.  Others would become bleeders that would provide a continual supply of fresh blood.  These were the unfortunates.  The souls that had fought bravely alongside the Royal Bulguardian Army during the last days of war and had been captured fleeing the stricken city.

“Move, hurry along,” a massive guard boomed as he shoved a young woman with long mattered fair hair with the front of his horse.  She fell forward. A man reached out quickly for her arm.  “Rose,” he gasped, but it was too late.  She fell heavily to the ground on her hands and knees.  “Abel,” she cried out and reached up frantically for him.  Another Grigorian guard on foot smashed his heavy shield into the side of Abel’s face, forcing him backward into the shuffling throng of bodies.  The Grigorian guard shouted again.  “Move it,” I’ve got better things to do with my time than herd you lot all day.”  A man stripped of his armor and clothed in a torn and bloodied Bulguardian tunic clutched Rose’s arm and pulled her to her feet before he too was dragged forward by the throng of prisoners.

Rose scanned the mass of bodies in a frantic effort to find her husband as they jostled her along.  “Abel, Abel,” she cried out hysterically but no reply came.   Only the booming voices of the Grigorian guards filled her ears.

“Move, move, move,” the guards shouted in a hoarse chorus as hounds barked, snarled and nipped feverishly at the prisoners’ bloodied ankles.  Another Bulguardian soldier raised his arm at a Grigorian guard but was quickly slammed to the ground by a pair of massive paws.  The Beast snarled viciously, opened its jaws wide, and with one quick snap, tore the man’s throat out with a row of barbed fangs.

Temulun eyes stung with tears but she quickly forced them back as she looked on in horror as prisoners were pushed, shoved, and beaten.  Some had fallen and were being trampled under hoof.  She heard a soft whimpering beside her.  She turned to see Keyla’s face awash with tears.  “Oh dear child,” Temulun said fighting her own tears.  She put her arm protectively around Keyla’s shoulders and pulled the child toward her.  “Dry your tears quickly; it is not wise to be seen showing sympathy toward these prisoners.  There are too many guards, too many prying eyes.”   She quickly ushered Keyla away from the savage onslaught before them.  Away from the Grigorian monsters with their massive spectre hounds.  Two beasts fought ferociously over the body of the dead Bulguardian.  A third came fourth pulling and chewing until little was left.

Temulun pushed a heavy door open toward the furthest end of the high stonewall.  It opened into a dark musty room.  By the glimmer of sunlight stealing its way inside, they could just make out a disorderly pile of discarded furniture, tapestries, and oil paintings in golden frames.  Keyla closed her eyes and held her hand out.  Ever so slowly a small glowing ball formed and rose above the palm of her hand and spun.  It began to spin faster and faster until eventually it ignited into a ball of fire that hung suspended above their heads.  She blew at it softly until six in all illuminated the room.  The bright balls of fire revealed three massive gold chairs from among the pile at the rear of the room.

Temulun Gasped.  “The three missing thrones from the throne room,” she said dragging a long roll of carpet entwined in spider webs off the thrones and onto the floor.  It hit the ground with a heavy thud, sending a deluge of dust motes into the air.  She ran her fingers down the gold and velvet armrests.  “I have only ever heard stories.  They truly are beautiful aren’t they, even in this state?  Just think… the Royal Guardians have sat upon these thrones.”  She pulled matted cobwebs from her fingers.  “There used to be 12 of these you know.  But every time a Guardian has been killed since the beginning of time, they burn the throne with the Guardian seated upon it so the fire can take the body back to the Gods.  Back to the time before time.”  Temulun paused for a moment.  “One of these thrones shouldn’t be here.  A Royal Guard was killed on the night of the equinox.  It is said that his body was thrown out in the streets to burn.”  She shook her head mournfully.   “Cerberus now sits upon the fourth throne in the Great Hall.”

Keyla said nothing.  She walked over to the stonewall and eased herself down its rough surface and onto the cold dusty floor.  She hugged her knees up tight against her chest.

Temulun walked toward her.  “What is it child?”   She asked sitting down beside her.  “My story, it saddens you?” she asked.

“I saw everything they saw, everything they felt,” she said pushing her face into her hands.  “How could they do that, treat those prisoners like worthless animals?”

“To the Grigorians, those prisoners are animals.  Nothing more than a meal to fill their bellies…  That is their way.  For some, that is all they desire, all they have ever known.  It is an empowering delicacy, the forbidden fruit.”  Temulun held Keyla’s hand.  “Now tell me child, what exactly did you see?”

“I saw it all.  In their eyes, on their faces.  The night of the fall…  So much death, so many souls lost.”  She took a long breath labored with heart retching sobs and continued.  “They fought gallantly but the Grigorian monsters, with all their cunning outnumbered the innocent, and the Bulguardian Army.  Soon theRoyalPalacefell, and it fell right into the hands of Lord Cerberus and his men.  Within hours theImperialCitywas engulfed by a barrage of hungry flames.  There was nothing left for the Bulguardian Army to do, but to save as many as they could and flee the city and head south.”

“And your family?” Temulun asked softly.  “What became of them?”

Keyla shook her head.  “I do not know,” was all she said.

“What happened then, what else did you see?”

Keyla remained silent for a moment; gathering her thoughts.  Recollecting what she had seen in the desperate eyes of the prisoners as they were beaten, and herded into holding pens like cattle.

“The Pinnacles,” she said.  “The four Wafes went first.   Four host souls volunteered.  Two females and two males.  They left their bodies and without the soul the bodies just lay down and died right there on the floor.  Just four shimmering souls floating in the air like four rainbow coloured bubbles.”  She shook her head.  “I have never seen anything so beautiful.  Not even the crystal dome of the sanctuary was as beautiful.”  She looked up at Temulun, her eyes damp and wide.  “Without the body, the soul is so, so…” Keyla searched for a word.  But found none to express the enormity of the beauty for which she held in her mind.  Her eyes pooled with fresh tears and spilled over.  With the tears of a thousand souls streaming down her face she continued.  “Water and Air fell first and were born into human females.  Fire and Earth went into human boys.”

Temulun bowed her head and whispered.  “I overheard Abaddon speaking with his sister, Theria, just yesterday,” she began.  “On earth, 900 years has passed.”

Keyla looked up at her.  “That is a very long time to be away from home.”

“Oh my Gods,” Temulun said scrambling quickly to her feet and pulling Keyla up with her.  “The time, we must hurry.  We have yet to fetch Lord Cerberus his beast.  Abaddon will be furious if we keep the Lord waiting.  We will talk more of this tonight at the Oak.  But first,” she said pulling a small leather pouch from her pocket.  “Put this powdered mistletoe under your tongue.  It would be too dangerous to carry these thoughts in your head for fear of others overhearing.”  Temulun pushed the leather pouch into Keyla’s hand.  The Girl looked at her and frowned.

“Not to worry Keyla, I have a little left.  And tonight, we will go ask the Forest People for more.”

Keyla took the leather pouch, extracted a pinch of the powdered herb, and placed it under her tongue.    She wrinkled her nose at the pungent taste.  “Are the Forest People expecting me?”  She asked.

“Oh yes,” Temulun replied, “they are very eager to meet you.  Witness the abilities you still possess from your ancestors.”

“Then I hope I do not fail them,” Keyla replied.

A few more questions with Patti Roberts

1. You are a very busy person, and judging by the quality of the covers and trailers you produce, it looks like you are one of those people who live without sleep. How do you manage to fit so much in your day? Do you have a secretary/PA or maybe the Angels are sitting on your shoulder?

I think when you have a passion for something in your life, you want to spend as much time as you can working on it – sometimes, most times – so that means less sleep. Now, having said that, if I could afford a PA I would most certainly have one. Including a fulltime cleaner, gardener and cook!

2. You put a lot of effort into developing this world. You must have done a lot of research. What did that entail?

I research a lot of things when creating my ancient Altarian world – Heaven. Although Fantasy, I like a certain amount of realism – sometimes myth and legend – in the story line to give it more credibility. I love to read a book, that although a fiction fantasy, you can still learn something “real” from. Research also gives you an opportunity to broaden your story, take it to places you never thought about in the beginning.

3. Altair is an intriguing place – you get the feeling that it is beautiful, even ravaged by war, but the Grigorian rule makes it a scary place to be. Did you fashion it with a ‘real’ place in mind, or is it all a product of your imagination? Do you have a picture that inspired it?

Yes, I have pictures. Most of them are featured on you tube music trailers and I have featured some of them here on my blog – – I allocated a special place for them on my blog so I can go back and watch them from time to time. They give me inspiration all over again! There are so many talented artists out there!

4. Your characters’ emotions are very deep and very well described. Do their feelings influence yours, as you write? Do you take these feelings with you into your daily ‘real’ life and is there a point at which you have to herd all your characters back into a box, so you can live a normal existence for a while?

Normal existence – so over rated! Actually it is the other way around for me. My feelings have influenced my writing. I wonder if my characters want to put me back in a box so they can get back to their normal existence!

5. And a more practical question. Your world is so full, the characters so involved – how do you keep track of the family trees in the Royal Houses as well as the human world, and also the relationships between them all and between the them and the races inhabiting Altair?

I have a huge timeline drawn up including name cards about all the characters. Each card has info about that particular character and their place in the story.  I also have a family tree drawn up for the Grigori clan. There is still so much stored in my brain and on my Paradox blog for safe keeping. There is much on the blog that only comes into existence in book 3, for book 3 and future books in the series. There are 7 kingdoms on Altair alone – that is a lot to keep in my head. I also need to keep a timeline for Grace’s / Juliette’s past lives to make sure they aren’t in conflict with each other; can’t have her in two places at once. The family tree, and the sigils for the 7 kingdoms can also be found on my blog

Join me again next week, when I’ll share with you more secrets and we’ll have a look at some of Patti’s other work – I bet there’s a lot you still don’t know about her. Did you Know there’s a competition you could enter? Please leave a way to contact you and your name in the comments box, below, if you’re interested.


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Spotlight on Paradox – A Magical World. Featured Author: Patti Roberts

Dear friends, allow me to introduce an author I admire: Patti Roberts. Her talent, dedication and sheer strength of spirit are a constant source of inspiration and a reminder that anything is possible, if you are willing to give enough commitment to the task.

This is the first of a series of articles dedicated to the Paradox Series, a world so different and so inspired, you will not be able to resist falling in love with it. Today, I will introduce Patti, give you the chance to read a sample of the first book in the series, The Angels Are Here, a quick look at its new cover (also Patti’s creation), and show you a trailer of the story so far (did I mention that Patti is the artist behind Paradox Trailer Productions, too?).

The Angels Are Here

(Book One) – sample

It continued to rain all that weekend and the week that followed. It rained for nearly a month straight without any hint of stopping anytime soon.

Grace thought about death; it consumed her since her father’s accident. Death haunted her. Death punished her. Other than a conversation with her father once and the occasional dead gold fish that had been flushed down the toilet, Grace had thought very little about death.

Dead gold fish—that was all she really knew of death. Grace liked to believe that a flushed gold fish was happily on its way to a watery fish heaven. The death of a fish was bearable, replaceable by a trip to the corner pet store.

Her father’s death, however, was immeasurably different. It was unbearable and he was irreplaceable. Her father’s death had left her adrift. It punched a hole in her so big that she could hardly breathe. Later, she would refer to her father’s accident as the death of her childhood innocence.

The days that followed Brian’s death was made up of a continual blur of acute microscopic seconds, minutes, hours. There were the endless phone calls, flowers, cards, funeral arrangements.


The only other constant were tears and constant rain.

The days on the kitchen wall calendar rolled over quickly to a miserable Monday morning, the 26th of April. And under the cover of a dense grey sky, a child attended a funeral to say her tearful goodbyes to a father whom she had adored her entire life.

She felt like she had been abandoned in a tiny paper boat and left adrift without paddles or an anchor in a bottomless, unforgiving ocean of wretchedness.

A mass of mourners – some she recognized, some she did not – huddled together under an array of umbrellas in the drizzling rain. Grace saw Mr. and Mrs. Terran holding hands in the front row. The Palmer family, who used to live in the house next door where Angela now lived, was there too, dabbing their eyes with white tissues. They all gave her mournful smiles, even the people she didn’t know.

Did they all think of her now as the poor girl with the dead father? The little girl lost at sea in the sinking paper boat? Why not? She did. She did not comply with the formality of returning their sad desperate smiles. She simply lowered her head from prying eyes and squeezed her mother’s hand tighter.

A small redheaded girl caught her attention twenty meters away. The girl walked toward a stone park bench under a big tree and sat down on the wet slab. She was barely visible under the big black umbrella she held above her head. Grace wondered which of the mourners she belonged to. The girl looked up at Grace and smiled. Not a sad mournful smile but with a smile that radiated joy.

Grace was swept up by an incredible feeling of lightness and peace. She felt like she was floating. She could see her father smiling at her in the clouds above. She was on the verge of smiling back when a tall thin priest spoke, startling her. Stealing her away from the redheaded girl with the infectious smile and the promise of a life filled with joy and happiness.

She felt heavy now—pulled back down a life wrapped in sadness and death. Back to her tormented life without her father. Back into the tiny paper boat, bobbing up and down on a savage ocean.

She looked back toward the stone bench, but the girl was gone, just the priest now, as he raised his voice over the din of the pelting rain. And the louder the priest spoke the harder the rain insisted on falling. Grace didn’t want to listen to his words, words, words.

He continued. “In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ…”

She didn’t want to hear any more.

“We commend to Almighty God our brother Brian and we commit his body to the ground…”

She wanted to scream. You did not know my father, he was not your brother, he was my daddy!

The priest pushed on.   “Earth to earth; ashes to ashes, dust to dust…”

Instead, Grace concentrated on the rhythmic drumming of the rain as it pounded heavily on the canopy of umbrellas and the white marquee that sheltered her father’s coffin and an array of floral tributes. But the rain merely mimicked the priest’s words. Earth, earth. Drip, drip. Ashes, ashes. Drip, drip. Dust, dust. Drip, drip.

“The Lord bless him and keep him, the Lord make His face to shine upon him and be gracious unto him and give him peace. Amen.”

“Amen,” mimicked the swarm of mourners.

Atop Brian’s coffin sat a wreath of red roses and white lilies, her father’s favorites.

“Grace…” She heard her name whispered as the wind swept through the tree branches somewhere in the distance; it was her father’s voice.

Blah, blah, blah. More shouted words from the priest as he moved toward her father’s coffin. Her mother sobbed gently by her side.

Hope was there now, standing at the head of her father’s mahogany coffin. Raindrops glistened on the tips of her outstretched wings. They fluttered gracefully in a gentle gust of wind. Grace knew it was time to say goodbye to Hope, too. It was a day for goodbyes. A day to say goodbye to imaginary childhood friends. This was a day to grow up. Her mother needed her now. Hope would understand that, wouldn’t she?  “I’m sorry, but you have to go now,” she whispered to Hope.

“Grace?” her mother asked, “what is it, who are you talking to?”

Grace glanced up at her mother, into her red-rimmed eyes. “No one Mum, just talking to myself.” She turned back. Hope was gone.

Torrents of rain continued to run off the fabric edges from the ocean of umbrellas and to the muddy earth below. The priest stopped speaking. At last, Grace thought. Just the rain now.

All stood silently by and watched as the flower-adorned casket jolted and then commenced its slow journey down into the sodden gaping hole in the earth, devouring the coffin that held her father’s lifeless body.

Kate wept for her husband and best friend. A little girl wept for her adoring father. Officer Wade stood solemnly by her mother’s side, sheltering her, supporting her.

Suddenly Grace panicked and made a quick dash toward the lowering casket.

Her mother gasped and tried to reach out to stop her but Wade took her hand and shook his head. “Let her be.”

Grace reached down and with her fingertips snatched up a long stemmed red rose off the lid of the casket before it slid completely out of reach.

Wade drove them both back home afterwards, in silence.

It had been a miserable day; it had suited the occasion of death perfectly, Grace decided.

When they eventually arrived home, Grace slid quickly off the backseat of the car and straight into a puddle. Muddy water splashed up onto her leg; she didn’t care. She went straight to her room. She needed to be alone, for just a while, she told her mother. Her mother had nodded. Grace went into her room and closed the door quietly behind her.

She sat down on her bed next to a box she hadn’t seen before and opened it. She lifted out a small ornate music box with blue birds on the front and unlocked the lid with a tiny silver key. A small ballerina twirled. Tears ran down Grace’s face as she listened to the melody it played.

‘Somewhere over the Rainbow, blue birds fly’.

Grace closed her eyes and said a prayer. “If there is anyone listening…I just wanted you to know that I’m just a kid. I’m not meant to know about this stuff…death. And I didn’t think it was too much to ask to keep it that way, until I’m a grown up, like when I’m fifteen or something. All I want is a mum and a dad. Birthday wishes that come true. It’s very hard to believe in blue birds and happiness without my dad. I just wanted you to know that. But most of all, please, please, please look after my dad. Keep him warm, he doesn’t like the cold much.”

Grace placed the music box down on her bedside table and curled up on her bed as she listened to the familiar melody. The mud on her leg left a brown stain on her pink bedspread. By the time the music box had wound down and the melody had stopped, she was sound asleep. She dreamt of her father and the time that he had spun her around and around in her pink ballet tutu. She dreamt of a beautiful angel who held their hands and danced along with them.

Hope pulled the bedspread up over Grace’s shoulders and wiped a tear from her cheek.

“Goodbye my friend,” she whispered. “I shall miss you. But I won’t be very far away.”

Her wings bloomed as she slowly faded, and was gone. Just a distant memory in Grace’s mind would remain of an imaginary childhood friend with wings, called Hope. One white feather is all that remained on the carpet beside Grace’s bed.

Ten Questions with Patti Roberts

1) When did you first realize you first wanted to be a writer?

After I finished and published book 1. Paradox – The Angels Are Here.  What started of as therapy (the broken heart kind of therapy) has turned into a brand new career path.  And I have loved every minute of it.

2) As the Author of the Paradox Trilogy, can you tell us what is difficult about writing a trilogy?

Time, nothing more. I wish there were more hours in the day! I wish I had a fulltime house cleaner, gardener and cook! The bathing and eating I am still happy to do myself J

3) Where do you get information or ideas for your books?

Imagination – definitely dreams. I have also been inspired by movies, TV series and other authors.  My current hero in the writing realm is George R. R.  Martin – The author of Game Of Thrones.  I love his world building and huge cast of awesome characters. It is impossible to pick just one favorite character.  I have four.

4) Social media has taken the internet by storm, and you do a fantastic job at utilizing all the web has to offer, what advise can you offer new authors on how to use the internet as a tool for promoting their work?

Facebook, Goodreads and twitter is a must! Along with 20 hour days. There is as much time spent marketing – it not more – as there is writing. And a blog. Blogs are also very handy for communicating with the public that will hopefully become your readers.

5) What do you like to do when you are not writing?

What? Okay seriously… Research. And the best research – homework – a writer can do to get better is to read, read, read. And read some more. If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write… I think Stephen King said that somewhere – and he couldn’t be more right about that. And who am I to question one of the great writers of our time.

6) There are so many fantastic characters in our Paradox Series, do you have a favorite one and if so why?

Oh, that is like asking a mother who her favorite child is… But they are not my children so no ones feelings are going to get hurt. I REALLY love the evil characters. Abaddon, Pandora, Theria, Lyssa and Caleb from the first 2 books.  Book 3, Bound By Blood, introduces you to many more, like Weasel and Lord Grigori and his sons Grig and Orian. Book 3 also introduces you to the 3 Ancients – 3 wise men. I really like the part they will play… they are good guys though.

7) Can you share a bit about what you are working on currently?

Bound By Blood – book 3. I have to have this one ready by October. I am also doing some rewrites on book 1 [The Angels Are Here] after a wonderful friend – Ella Medler – edited it for me. I can’t wait to republish that one this week with its brand new cover!

8) What do you think makes a good story?

Different things appeal to different people. I personally like a story that holds back, makes you think. Makes you search for the answers and leaves you wanting more. I like it when I have read a book that leaves me hanging and thinking, noooo – crap, I have to have more right now…. Some people like to have all the answers tied up in a nice neat bundle when they finish a book – I’m not one of those people. I promise that none of my books will ever end like that! I enjoy leaving a reader hanging. Sorry.

9) How many books have you written, and which is your favorite?

I’ve written two books in the Paradox Series and number 2 is my favorite… but not for much longer.  Book 3 is going to even better still. And then there is book 4…

10) What is one of the most surprising things you have learned in creating your books?

Like the universe – there is no end in sight anytime soon.  Another would be how characters, even the ones you didn’t think would amount to much, just take over, to become GREAT characters. That really surprises me. It’s like watching a star being born. And you just think, wow, I never saw that coming.

Next week, we’ll have a look at the second book in the series, Progeny Of Innocence, and try to ferret some more of Patti’s secrets. If you would like to be entered in the competition, please leave your name and a contact email in the comments box, below.

The Angles Are Here is available from (though not everyone has updated to the new cover):



Barnes and Noble



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