Book 2 in the Eternal series is out today. In the meantime, book 1 in the series, Eternal Island, is still getting amazing reviews. Here's today's: Eternal Island is a place of many magic persuasions and many mysteries. Invisible to anyone not invited, it homes vampires, witches, seers, mind-readers... pretty much any kind of paranormal entity you …

A New Release and Auspicious Circumstances: ETERNAL IMMORTALITY and a Solar Eclipse

If you've followed the trials and tribulations we went through while working on this book, you'll know we first planned to release it in February. Neither of our schedules allowed it, though, and so we set another date: April 26. We struggled to make it all fit, but it just wasn't to be, and we …

Shameless Plug for Eternal Island

Just in case you don't know what this is, read more about it here - blurb, reviews, excerpts, schedule for the sequels, preview cover for book two. Interested? Download it free March 14-16. Happy reading! US - UK - CANADA -  

Cover Reveal: Eternal Immortality – Book Two in the Eternal Series

As you know, book one in the Eternal series, Eternal Island, is available now, just in time for Halloween. Eternal Immortality is due out on Valentine's Day 2013. Just look at the detail in that cover!

Three Cheers for Eternal Series

Doesn't it look amazing? Well, yes, of course. I agree. The writing is going well, in case you were asking, and we've even given it a home. This is where news about the Eternal Series will be posted. Once we agree on the final version, I'll post some excerpts. It is a good story …