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The HUNTER Series – re-launch and new look

Hello and welcome. I know this is sudden, and I also know you liked the old covers for this series, but…

… Trust me, the new ones are so much better! Universes above the old ones. Patti Roberts has surpassed herself! Besides, there is far more darkness in my books now, and the new covers reflect that better.

I’m setting up an event and giveaways, so I’ll be back with links in a day or so. Also during this event, the title for the third book will be revealed, so we’ll all know whom I shall dedicate this third book to. Watch this space.


You can have a look at the old covers one last time…


Blood is power print cover 14072013-page-001


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Blood is Heavier – a fan reviews my work


“From the outset, Ms. Medler shines in her ability to switch genres with a masterful touch.  Her book, “Martin Little: Resurrected”, was the first one I’d read of her works, and I was expecting more of the same.

This is nothing like that one.

Dark, dramatic, mysterious, at times near-terrifying, this book kept me interested until the very end.”


Read the whole review on the Pen to Paper blog here.



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New Review for Blood is Heavier

Look at this! Sherry started with book one, and she is moving onto book 2 in the Hunter Series!

Here’s what she had to say about Blood is Heavier:

Oh, and did I mention release day tomorrow? Hell, yeah! Come and join in the fun!

Brandy has already posted!

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10 Things You Should Know About Nick Hunter

The gorgeous Raven McAllen hosted me on her blog, Raven’s Ramblings. The post includes ten things you should know about Nick Hunter, the main character of my Hunter Series, and an excerpt from Blood is Heavier, all to put you in the mood for the sequel, out soon.

Hunter series ebook covers. Ella Medler


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Scott Whitmore on Blood is Heavier

A lovely thing to wake up. Scott Whitmore, one of the lucky winners of my giveaway, has reviewed Blood is Heavier.

“An excellent story that I recommend. A fun, thrilling, exciting, enlightening book that I wish had not ended.”

Read Scott’s wonderful 4 star review of “Blood is Heavier” on his blog.

Hunter series ebook covers. Ella Medler


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Blood is Heavier #First Giveaway and Review in 2013

Hello, my friends.

Now that we’re sure the world’s kept going and we’re certain the ancient Mayans were merely having a laugh, how would you like to take a peek at this amazing new review for Blood is Heavier and take part in the Giveaway? Click on the link below and feats your senses on Laura’s blog (by the way, she is amazing – browse her blog and see for yourselves).


Blood is Heavier #First Giveaway and Review in 2013


Nick and Tequila


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Two birds with one stone… or a double dose of Ella Medler

Hello, my friends.

You know Don Martin? Of course you know Don Martin. He is a writer, editor and reviewer for Midwest Book Reviews. Well, he’s written a review for Blood is Heavier (the first book in my Hunter trilogy) and he’s also interviewed me. One I looked forward to, the other I feared. I’ll let you work out which is which.

Anyway, if you’re interested –

here’s the review

and here’s the interview.

(running off to hide now)


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