Blood is Heavier – a fan reviews my work


“From the outset, Ms. Medler shines in her ability to switch genres with a masterful touch.  Her book, “Martin Little: Resurrected”, was the first one I’d read of her works, and I was expecting more of the same.

This is nothing like that one.

Dark, dramatic, mysterious, at times near-terrifying, this book kept me interested until the very end.”


Read the whole review on the Pen to Paper blog here.



3 Replies to “Blood is Heavier – a fan reviews my work”

  1. Woot! Nice review Ella. I’ll have to see what I can do for Blood is Power. I owe you a review!!!
    You must be very busy writing. Haven’t heard much from you.

    1. I’ve committed myself to releasing 8 new titles this year, Laura. Those and the editing keep me busy. 🙂

      Not Juliet is also a hit. So I’ve definitely done something right there. I’m making that collection a permanent fixture, with 4 titles yearly, and a box-set for Christmas. 🙂

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