2013 – Week 27 and An Interview with Hunter

Hello, my friends. Welcome to newsletter number 27. I've began a new edit this week, whilst waiting for the betas comments on Blood is Power. The edit is good and the comments awesome! I have a feeling Nick Hunter has amassed quite a few fans. For that reason, I risked my neck and pinned him …


10 Things You Should Know About Nick Hunter

The gorgeous Raven McAllen hosted me on her blog, Raven's Ramblings. The post includes ten things you should know about Nick Hunter, the main character of my Hunter Series, and an excerpt from Blood is Heavier, all to put you in the mood for the sequel, out soon.

Blood Is Heavier – A Taste Of The Sequel

For you, my friends, this is a little taster of what's in store for Nick Hunter when he decides to hunt down the people who tortured and killed his parents.   Obviously short on time, the old, wiry man splashed straight through puddles in his hurry to reach his goal. He was wearing an old-fashioned …