The HUNTER Series – re-launch and new look

Hello and welcome. I know this is sudden, and I also know you liked the old covers for this series, but…

… Trust me, the new ones are so much better! Universes above the old ones. Patti Roberts has surpassed herself! Besides, there is far more darkness in my books now, and the new covers reflect that better.

I’m setting up an event and giveaways, so I’ll be back with links in a day or so. Also during this event, the title for the third book will be revealed, so we’ll all know whom I shall dedicate this third book to. Watch this space.


You can have a look at the old covers one last time…


Blood is power print cover 14072013-page-001

9 Replies to “The HUNTER Series – re-launch and new look”

  1. I love the old covers, so I can only imagine what you will do for the new ones. I am eager to see and will be watching! If you need help promoting, let me know.

  2. I love the old covers but am excited to see what the new ones look like. Let me know if there’s anything I can do help you promote this!
    Can’t wait to see the third title and congrat the lucky chosen one!

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