This Is The Reason

I have been asked this question before. Why do you write? What made you choose this career?

Many other authors are also wondering how to answer this same question as we speak.

Well, I can’t think of a better answer than to show you Michael Phoenix’s review of my recently published thriller.

Here’s the link to his review

And if this reviews does make you curious, BLOOD IS HEAVIER is still free to download from Smashwords for a limited time.

Michael Phoenix – Review of Blood Is Heavier

As per my usual style, I am writing this review as I am reading the book. The other part: I went into the book cold. By cold, I mean I did not check out anything about this book before I read it. The only thing I will say: Blood Is Heavier is the second book I am reviewing by Ella Medler. Now, with the intro out of the way, onto the review:

After the cover, there is the usual copyright info, where you can find the book, bio and dedication. Pretty much the standard for most books. I use and prefer the Kindle. Navigation on side and Table of Contents is good. Personal preference here: there are no back links back to the table of contents. Right at the end of the table of contents you jump right into chapter 1 without a break. Nice work and design on this aspect! Opening section done, onto the book and story….

Chapter 1 Spectre, introduces two characters right off: Nick and Mrs. Budleigh. The book starts with a situation almost comical, even in everyday life. Right off, visualization is excellent! Take a drive / walk in your town or city and prove me wrong. We are introduced to more main characters. A major internal conflict with Nick is also introduced. By the end of Spectre, we are thrown right into the action with a decent enough backstory. Chapter 1 sticks to it’s title: Spectre perfectly! The transition into Chapter 2 is very smooth and leads you wanting more, easily.

Ok, now that I have your attention, I will not do a chapter by chapter breakdown here. If I did, you would be reading another book. I want you to read this one. The following will be highlights / previews from the rest of the book.

Chapter 2, get ready for emotional whiplash. So far, Ella is doing a great job creating believable characters, scenes and situations. She is also creating a perfect combination of all elements. Is chapter 3 forshadowing or backtory? Between chapter 3 and 5 all I can say is WOW! Another story created within the main one. I actually forgot about the main plot. Starting at chapter 5, a wicked surprise but did not forget other story, yet. The one or two stories only take off from here. If you think I am going to give more details, you are nuts. If I have not grabbed your interest by now, I give up. With that out of the way, onto the final ratings and evaluation:

Overall Rating / Review:

I give this book a perfect 10! No problem at all….

I put this book to an extreme test. While I was reading it took several breaks. I wanted to see if Blood is Heavier would keep my attention. I also wanted to find out if I would constantly want more. I easily did on both fronts. Once again, Ella did a near perfect job developing main and supporting characters, scenes and situations. The internal conflicts are very believable. These conflicts can also be related to if only in a distant, personal sense. The action, we are thrown into almost right away is a great way to start this book. Like I said, at points, Ella almost creates a second story that I came close to forgetting about the main one. The way she melds the backstory with current action does not lose you at all. Chapter titles are well thought out in sync with the chapter itself. The title “Blood Is Heavier” is mentioned in the story. Another nice way to combine the entire book into one, flowing / consistent entity. Visualization: everything that happens in the story is very easy to see with mind. The emotions portrayed, you can almost feel as if they were your own. For the second time, I can not say enough about a book by Ella Medler.

Between Martin Little, Resurrected and Blood Is Heavier, Ella took on two, different genres and pulled off both that will keep you wanting more. Even if you are not a fan of Action / Suspense, I would suggest this book. Character strength and believability one of the main reasons.

Ella, this book exceeded my expectations by a long shot! They were high after Martin Little. You did a great job, again. You have proven two things with this book: 1) You are around for the long-term. 2) You can write in more than one style / genre.

Thanks for reading this review. As always, feel free to comment / critique / disagree. I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

More information on Ella / her books


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