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New Release: Brooklyn Blues, by R.E. Hargrave – PLUS review and GIVEAWAY.


by R.E. Hargrave

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Author Spotlight: Cherime MacFarlane

Hello, my friends, and welcome.

Today I want to introduce to you one amazing author from Alaska: Cherime MacFarlane. I have discovered Cherime lurking on facebook, and read one of her books. It was full of local color, and you know me – I’m a sucker for real-life-inspired stories. Recently, I’ve bought another of her books, The Twisted Laird, and that is what drove me to write this post. Listen carefully: That book is amazing!

I’ve written a review, of course, but I’ve also twisted Cherime’s arm and sat her down for a chat. Here’s what she has to say.

Q & A with Cherime MacFarlane

I was surprised at the amount of detail in The Twisted Laird. All the strands of the story – the family life, relationships and customs, even the way of thinking and the speech – everything weaves together beautifully into a fascinating book. How did you manage to research all these and get it so right, being so far away from the actual setting? It seems an enormous amount of work for just one book.

I have been storing the information in my mind for years. I have been blessed with a nearly photographic memory and if I don’t recall something exactly, I know where to go to find the answer.

My father was part American Indian, Scots and Swede. But, the MacGregor part was always at the fore. All his life he refused to eat Campbell soup because of the connection between the MacGregors and the Campbells.

Then along came Allan MacFarlane. We were friends before anything else as he was married to a young woman who once babysat my kids. She came to visit and brought Allan and her daughter with her. He was a very well mannered, nice young man, six years younger than me.

Those two separated and she left Alaska. Allan stayed. My own marriage was falling apart due to my ex’s problems with alcohol. I finally determined some woman was going to realize what a catch Allan was and took steps to make sure that didn’t happen.

Allan’s mechanic shop was across the street from the newspaper which we ran. I told my ex it was over, walked across the street and told Allan I was all his. Now, what was he going to do with me? He figured out the answer fairly quickly.

He had immigrated to Canada with his family at a young age and did not get as much of his history as he wanted. Allan did not leave Scotland willingly. He put up a horrid fuss about it. So we researched together.

The two of us travelled to Scotland several times. I met his relatives while there. I listened and learned. I seem to have a gift for being able to put myself into other people’s skins, no matter the time period.

As an interesting side note to the research, a Patrick MacFarlane in the 1800 put together a comprehensive dictionary of Scots to English and English to Scots which is online in Google. I used it extensively.


Why the MacGroughs? Why not the MacFarlanes? What is so special to you about the Highlands?

Why the MacGroughs? Because I wanted a small clan, caught between the larger entities of the time. Being in that situation would lead to a tighter knit, more closely aligned group of people. Why not the MacFarlanes? Their history is too well known, too documented. Why the Highlands? That is Allan speaking through me. He was in love with them and hated leaving Scotland. If not for the children, he would have talked me into staying. But our children, his and mine, needed us. He was a wonderful father and step-father.


I’m reading Highland Light – thank you for gifting it to me, by the way – and find the same pull to keep reading. I seriously have no wish to do my work because the story is far more important to me. It takes a lot of imagination to build up a relationship between people who might have existed hundreds of years ago, giving them thoughts and emotions, and a certain way of looking at life. How much of it is guesswork, and how much is based on fact?

When you read old documents you get a feel for the times. The old stories carry a feel for the way people were. I have always listened to elders’ talk. Living in the French Quarter in New Orleans as a child, I was the one who hid in the shadows when the old folk were talking. I wanted to know what they did. I was a sneak and a half, often hiding under the furniture in the Old Colonial Antique store owned by my grandfather, and eavesdropped. Much of the old ways are ingrained inside me.


History and I are not best friends, but that is only because I hate learning text-book strings of facts and figures, with no logic or explanation. Showing historical events through the eyes of fictional (or real) characters is a genius way to entice a reader to satisfy their thirst for knowledge without coming across as a lecturing know-it-all. How did you settle on this method? Did you always plan it as a fiction novel, or rather a series of novels?

I told my children stories of how things were. I knew how to keep their interest and the same method works for most people. There are some who do not appreciate the detail I put in about how people lived in those times, but I know others do. It is a fine line to walk between enough and too much. I told the story as I would to my children.

Funny thing about this series. It actually started with the book about Hamish MacGrough, the heavy metal keyboard player for the band Bushmaster set in 1988. The basis for that story began as an exercise in payback. My son was playing with a guy, bass actually, doing a gig about 200 miles away. The lead guitar player and singer had an alcohol-fuelled meltdown and tried to trash on my son, in the middle twenties at the time. 

When my son came home, Sean, Allan and I sat around one evening over a few beers and figured out how to murder the guy. Wired For Sound was born. I fleshed it out and the first draft was written in the late 1980s.

I saw the first scene in Highland Light. I either dreamed it or it was a vision, not quite sure which. Then I went for it and it just flowed out onto the page. I understand both Gideon and Ailene quite well. No, the characters do not talk to me in my head, but I often dream scenes and have to rise and get it all down while the vision is still fresh.


You’re obviously passionate about the events that took place in the 1700s, but passion doesn’t come without a strong emotion. What made you so interested in the Knights Templar and their possible retreat to Scotland, of all places?

The Knights Templar were an amazing group of men. All seasoned warriors, those who joined the order were usually widowers with sons or other male relations ready to take over the estates they left. They swore a vow of chastity and were the protectors of the faithful making the pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

They were the very first international bankers and the order was quite wealthy.  One could deposit funds in any temple, get a chit and cash it in at any other temple and get your funds.

When Phillip the Fair of France decided to bring them down, he convinced a very weak pope to order them branded as heretics and for immoral actions. The pope controlled most of the western, catholic world at the time. The Swiss might have balked at a mass burning of people at the stake, but perhaps not. On the other hand, Robert The Bruce has already been excommunicated by the pope. But the bishops in Scotland stood with The Bruce and eventually he was brought back into the fold on a limited basis.

At the time I set the story Highland Light, there was no communication between the pope and the house of Bruce. There is also speculation regarding Rosslyn Chapel which I have known of for quite some time, which hints at a Templar connection. The Da Vinci Code made a bit of use of that as well.

And some have speculated as to a connection between Freemasonary and the Templars. It is all a wonderful puzzle to speculate on. There are mysteries out there which will never be solved.


Tell me more about this series. Are there any more books I should be looking out for?

The series starts with Highland Light then, a bit confusingly, jumps to a descendant of Gideon and Ailene, Hamish MacGough in Wired For Sound. Hamish’s adventures and the growth of his family and marriage are documented in North By Northeast, Rhythm And Blues and Family Knots. In those books more of his children’s paranormal abilities come to light. In The Templar’s Treasure, set in 2014, Hamish and his wife, Lori, celebrate their 28 year anniversary and all hell breaks loose. But, there is an anniversary present which turns up that leads a daughter in law to some discoveries and ultimately to Edan Campbell MacGrough who lived in 1746.

The paranormal connection is not something I just stuck in to appeal to a wider audience. My mother made spare change as a young girl reading tea leaves. What she didn’t tell people was that she could read them when she took their hands. She could hold something belonging to another person and tell you all about them.

Some of that, but in a different form, came to me, but skipped my sister entirely. I’m not sure, but think it has gone into the next generation in another manner which I will not go into here.


Besides the MacGroughs, I know you’ve written other books set in Alaska. I read one of them, and loved the genuine feel of the locations, characters and culture in general. What compels you to write about atypical situations and little-known nations or communities – unconventional, unpredictable, non-mainstream stories, so to speak?

I have lived in the Copper Basin, we hauled water and used an outhouse. It was interesting learning about the people and how they coped. Also, I have a mix in my DNA of other cultures and I enjoy learning how other people think and react to different situations.

In every generation you have those who are fairly sure they should have been born into a different time. What those people really possess is a pioneer spirit. It is the same spirit which caused the first man to explore. It is more than finding new sources of food, it is a great need to know. What really does lie on the other side of the hill?

It is a drive which cannot be tamped down or dismissed. It is a hunger, and there will always be those who feel the pull in their blood. I know them and understand their kind, being one myself. It is the reason Allan and I travelled as much as we could afford on a very limited budget. It is the reason I travel as often as I can now. I need to see what lies over the next ridge.


What an amazing woman! Don’t you agree? Let me show you the books I’m talking about. If you’re interested in the events surrounding Scotland of the 1700s, you will love them.



Amazon US

Amazon UK

The story of the MacGrough clan begins in “Highland Light”.
Not pretty, Ailene knows her suitors only want the glen. She refuses them all. Her father knows she must have a husband, a laird for the small clan. The 18 Knights Templar who secretly negotiate with Robert Bruce must quietly marry into the clans loyal to him. Among the Knights is Gideon. A ward of the Master, barely a man, the warrior knows nothing else. He is as unprepared as she is ready.
Ailene has seen the young man she wants. She will have him and no other. Gideon has honored the vows of chastity. He has no knowledge of women. He and Ailene must learn together.
But Gideon owes his new King service. No matter how much he wishes to stay with his wife, he has a duty. Scotland is fighting for its life against England. At the same time, Gideon’s new home is locked in a vicious internal struggle for power. Enemies are everywhere. The clan is in danger from all sides. The small bedroom they share is the only place where the young couple can find peace.



Amazon US

Amazon UK

Edan Campbell MacGrough is the only MacGrough male to return home from Culloden. They must leave their beloved glen. His half-brother sent him home to care for the women and children who are left. Daracha is happy to see her man return, but others are not so fortunate. He must hide behind his infirmity, a thing he detests. How will they survive in Glasgow? Aili Lara, wife of Birk MacGrough has seen Edan’s story by paranormal means and is telling the tale to the MacGrough’s of 2015.





Let me tell you first about The Twisted Laird, as that is the first book (in this series) I read.

The story begins with the aftermath of the battle of Culloden. Every male from the clan MacGrough went to stand by their King’s side, knowing full well they would not survive the massacre. The laird, whose responsibilities stretched further than present events, ensured the survival of his clan by ingenious means. I will not reveal what he did – suffice it to say it was very effective. From then on, a battle for survival ensues.

The only survivor and new laird, Edan, steers his people through the mire of dangers and prejudice rife at the time, and while their lives are not easy, the incredibly strong bond between these people enables them to prosper and move forward.

The author employs a great deal of Scottish vernacular in dialogue, in an attempt to give a better flavor of the time and place, and in this, she succeeded. At first, I resisted having what to me is an odd accent slow me down, but soon I settled into the rhythm of the characters’ speech, and loved my time there. I found I needed to get back to the book as soon as I could make time in my busy schedule. I missed reading about the MacGroughs whenever I was doing something else.

There is an enormous amount of detail in this book. I’m sure it’s taken days and even weeks of research, and for that I am grateful. I loved being immersed into the clan, and the atmosphere, and as soon I as I was finished with the book, I contacted the author and asked if there were any more. That is the sign of a good book. I loved that world, and I hated to have to leave it. I wanted back in.

And Cherime gifted me the first book in the series, Highland Light, because she is such an amazing person!

Despite the fact that I have read these books out of sequence, I feel the same pull to stay in the story, stay with the MacGroughs. Again, I love the characters, love the storyline, love the detailed descriptions – from customs to the work ethos, from cooking to the methods employed for building walls. These are not mere characters to me. They’re family. And I love them all.

The detail, vernacular, descriptions and reactions are all so perfectly woven, I hate having to turn the pages. I know I will finish reading this book in minutes, and I dread the end. There is no way I can give these books less than 5 stars. I wholeheartedly recommend them.


CherimeAlthough born in New Orleans, I am proud to call myself an Alaskan. I have lived here since 1977. I have seen -40 degrees, hauled water, made bear bacon and I live in a cabin. I have used a fishwheel to catch salmon coming up the Copper River. I was my second husband’s chief mechanic’s helper and roadie. I have cut firewood on shares. I worked as a cocktail waitress during pipeline days in a small lodge on the Richardson Highway.
My second husband, a Scot from Glasgow, was the love of my life. When I write Scots dialect, I personally experienced hearing it from my in laws. When my husband got on the phone to Scotland, after 5 seconds I could barely understand a word.
We moved to Wasilla to get warm. It barely drops past -25 degrees here in the winter. I became a paralegal and worked for over 26 years for the same firm.
Alaska is my home. I never thought I would love it so much, I never want to leave. The beauty of Alaska is a draw I cannot resist. I love the people and the history. I have been captured by a place I came to under duress. Life does play some interesting tricks on one. My love and I were not apart more than 24 hours for 20 plus years. I never wanted to be anywhere but with him. He was a man to run the river with and was my biggest fan. You can find me on FaceBook at I also blog at


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New Review and Reader Love for Nick Hunter

Hello, my dears, and welcome. Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba loved reading Blood is Heavier, and she insisted on asking a few very good questions. Read her review and my reluctant answers here.

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Amanda Keeney Interviews Yours Truly

A Whisper of Hope author, Amanda Keeney, is asking me questions. I like her line of enquiry. She’s asking good questions about my writing process and publishing journey. I answer in full. Curious? Take a peek.

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Today has turned out a bit busier than first imagined. Yes, I know I should be used to it by now, but I’m not.

So, to keep you entertained, I’d like to direct you to two of my friends’ blogs. They’ve tried their best to find out all my secrets, but I can resist interrogation! Sort of… Until someone offers me a cream cake; then, I’m putty in your hands!


So, without further ado, here’s what I said about my books: Erin’s Author Corner

And about my publishing journey: Jessica’s Blog.


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~*~ Over 200 reviews! ~*~

*Paranormal * Suspense * Fantasy * Romance*

~ Guardian Angels ~ Guardian Demons ~ Heaven ~ Hell ~ Hate ~ Love ~ Soulmates ~

SAVE MY SOUL – Book 1 in the ‘Save My Soul’ series. 4.6/5 star rating

Kendra Larkin had everything going in the right direction. Her life was seemingly perfect, and she wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Unfortunately, the course of her life was about to be forever altered. A tragic rappelling accident lands her on Dr. Adam Chamberlain’s operating table.
She agrees to a deal proposed by a guardian angel to help save the soul of the man who is both her doctor and soulmate. If she is successful, she gets to keep her life. However, she later learns that it isn’t just her life that’s in jeopardy, but her soul as well.
Even with the help of her handsome guardian angel, Rhyan, it seems there is no happy ending in sight. Torn between her newly discovered love of Rhyan, and the undeniable attraction she has for Adam, Kendra finds herself at a crossroad. With Adam’s steadfast rejection of God, and his guardian demon conspiring against her, she fears her soul may already be lost.
Will she find a way to overcome the evil her life is suddenly burdened with? Or will Adam’s guardian demon win both their souls and make Kendra his own personal puppet in Hell?


I finished this book in one day, couldn’t put it down!! ”

Save my Soul is a page-turner that I would recommend to anyone with an appreciation for romance and the paranormal. ”
Mandy Trouten


Okay so I’m writing this through tears. Wow, this story was just amazing, especially the ending. That was an ending I wasn’t anticipating. The plot always kept me guessing and kept me on the edge of my seat. The concept of the story was unique, so different than what I read all the time. It was refreshing, and truly amazing.
What happens if you woke up to find yourself dying on a hospital bed? What if you couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, but could hear everything that was occurring? Well that is what happens to 29 year old Kendra who had a bad accident after going rappelling with her friends. Imagine her surprise when being patched up and stitched back together by a doctor, who voice she finds safe and soothing, she hears a voice in her mind. Actually not just one voice, but two of them. Who are they? Well it turns out it is her guardian angel and the guardian angel of the doctor who saved her life. The doctor’s guardian angel, Coen, literally makes her an offer she couldn’t refuse. He made it so that Kendra lives, even after that tragic accident that was suppose to end her life. But he gives her a task in exchange for her life. Her task? Make the misguided doctor believe in God again. But there is one catch to this. Kendra only has one week to make Dr. Adam Chamberlain believe in God or she loses her soul and dies all over again except this time, permanently. How do you make a man who has given up on God believe again? Especially after a tragic event that caused the doctor to lose his faith in God in the first place. Can love conquer years of resentment and heartbreak? Or will both Kendra’s and Adam’s souls be lost forever?
Okay, I really loved the idea of putting guardian angels and guardian demons in this book. I never heard of a story like this before, it’s a really neat idea if you ask me. Kendra’s character in the book made me smile a lot. She was a strong female character who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. But not only is she brave and outspoken, she is also sweet and caring. She surprised me so much in this book with her generosity and kind actions. She was a character that many girls and women can relate to. I personally hope I can be something like Kendra one day. And the doctor in the story? I have one word to describe him: Amazing! Adam was what I expected him to be: sweet, remote, misguided but overall he was loyal to the end. His stubbornness added to his character and I think he was the perfect man for Kendra. Even Rhyan, Kendra’s guardian angel, will always have a place in my heart as well. He was so funny in the book and very charming. The emotion and love he shows to Kendra made me want to cry and give him a hug. His character added something unique to this book. Overall, an amazing book! I highly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a great story with amazing characters.
Some of my favorite quotes from the book:
“I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to myself.”
“Don’t do that, people will think you’re crazy.”
“You better watch it, Ms. Larkin, Ashley’s looks will break that nice camera of yours.” her boyfriend joined in with the cruel laughter. I started to speak, but Adam beat me to it. “If it made it through your shots, the camera will be just fine after Ashley’s session.”
“Are you going to tell me the reason I can’t stop looking at you?”
“Love conquers all evil. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Everything happens for a reason and … If you haven’t found your soul mate yet, don’t ever, ever give up hope; he or she is out there somewhere.” – Joc


HELL’S GIFT – Book 2 in the ‘Save My Soul’ series. 4.8/5 star rating

Depression consumes the guardian angel, Rhyan, after his human charge chooses her soulmate over him. Filled with anger and despair, he lashes out. And when his hate-filled words land him neck-deep in Hell, he realizes he’s gone too far. He expects trouble, but not to discover his own soulmate in the fiery depths. Abigail is there with good reason, but she’s done her time, and in order to save them both, Rhyan must strike a deal with the Devil. The stakes are higher than ever before, with his soul, his friends and even the fate of Heaven and Earth in jeopardy. If he fails, Rhyan stands to lose more than he ever feared. Will true love be denied? It will take everything he’s got to break down the traps Lucifer puts in his way. New lines are drawn and old scores are settled, and Rhyan is in for the fight of his life. With Abigail as the prize, and humanity in the balance, he will stop at nothing to claim…Hell’s Gift.


A well written plotline filled with twists and very believable characters. ”
Shiralyn Lee

After the first book in this series, Save My Soul, I could hardly wait for this one to come out. ”
Kelly The Red

Hell’s Gift was a page turner from start to finish! ” Jennifer Wedmore


Hell’s Gift is the second novel in the Save My Soul series, yet a standalone story, just like the first. You can read my review of book one, Save My Soul, here. A completely original idea for a fantasy romance, this book is a huge accomplishment on so many levels.
For a start, there’s a lot of story within those pages, and not one word of that is useless waffle. The action starts on page one and finishes with the last sentence. What made it more interesting for me was the frequent change of environment. Most of the action takes place in Hell, but it’s not the sort of Hell you would have imagined. I won’t tell you how it’s different, just trust that it is. Sometimes it’s better, often it’s worse, and the pain is not necessarily physical.
Rhyan’s trials are imaginative, and the secondary plots developed enough to allow us a glimpse into the psyche of many of the demons and fallen angels that populate the upper classes of this incredibly rich world. There are minions and beasts, love and hate, fear and debauchery – you’ve really got to read it and see for yourself.
Characterisation is one of K.S. Haigwood’s strongest points. Rhyan, a depressed guardian angel, is very well developed, his voice clear and easily identifiable throughout the story. You can understand his predicament – who doesn’t know the feeling of unrequited love? – and you can almost foresee his reactions. But. There’s always a but, with this author, because K.S. Haigwood can deliver enough twists and turns to turn a tornado on its head. Just as you think you’ve figured where the story is going next, she’s duped you again. Rhyan grows through his experiences and, in the background, you can see a few cracks beginning to appear in the personalities of secondary characters, too. Each one gets what they deserve, even if it’s just another chance to prove themselves.
I loved the story and the idea behind it. Love conquers all is the message in many books, but you rarely see it as challenged and as humorised as here. Take this short dialogue, for example:
“Which direction should I go?” I said to both Pogo and Malcolm.
“North,” Pogo replied.
“South,” Malcolm said.
“West it is, then,” I said, and stepped out into the acid blizzard.
The whole novel is littered with good chuckle moments, and even in the darkest hour, the thinnest hint of a silver lining is still visible among the clouds.
I wholeheartedly recommend reading this book. Shock therapy for body and soul, delivered at a hundred miles an hour with the humor and charisma of a trendsetter, Hell’s Gift is certain to be hailed the new wonder-drug to cure all ills. No one is perfect, and this books shows you why you don’t have to be. Get ready to laugh, cry and most of all feel your way through this addictive story. Kristie Haigwood is a skilled sorceress of the fantasy world. Five very well-deserved stars for this effort. – E Medler


Look for ‘GOOD SIDE OF SIN’ – Book 3, Coming Fall 2013


Is going to Hell the worst thing that could happen to you?

Available at AMAZON in eBook & print!


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Author Spotlight: Bethany Daniel

mandyHello and welcome, dear friends. New on my blog, please welcome author Bethany Daniel.

Bethany Daniel lives in Tx with her husband and 2 sons. She enjoys reading, photography and of course, writing. Bethany really found the passion for writing again this last year and came up with the idea for Reconnected after years of following Hollywood gossip and reading books about girls always chasing the guys and thought it would be nice for it to be the other way around. She is currently writing Disconnected, the story of Reconnected from Liam’s POV.



Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble



Description: A fast paced love story!
Katy Warren thought her life was perfect. Then her new husband, and also highschool sweetheart, gets discovered while theater acting and gets swept away to Hollywood. Once there, things change. Liam throws himself into the Hollywood life and ignores Katy.

One night after a particularly crazy party, Katy can’t take it anymore and leaves Liam and his celebrity behind but doesn’t get an official divorce.

Four years later, Liam goes to Georgia for filming and crosses paths with Katy again. But now she’s just Kate and she has a boyfriend and she doesn’t want anything to do with her marriage. Liam has other plans.

Coming Soon: Disconnected – Liam’s POV!


Here’s what the readers had to say about Reconnected:

“I enjoyed what I read, just needed more” – Lost Island of Book Reviews

“A fun and sweet read that is perfect for any book lover’s summer reading list.” Bibliophile Book Reviews for Indie and Established Authors

“As a blogger it’s nice sometimes to have a straight forward love story that can be enjoyed right until the very end and that’s exactly what I did in this case.” – Rose’s Book Blog




“Babe, let’s go! I have to be to the theater in 30 minutes!” Liam yelled from down the hall and I took one last look in the mirror and ran towards him grabbing my sweater along the way.

“Ok, ok….I’m ready! Are you nervous about tonight?” I asked him grabbing his hand and walking towards our little rundown car.

He took a deep breath as he fiddled with the keys in his pocket and opened each door. “I don’t know. I mean, everyone is talkin’ about the Hollywood scouts being in the audience tonight. It would be amazing to be noticed by them, you know? The theater isn’t horrible by any means.” he smiled softly and started driving towards the theater. “But you can bet I’m going to do my damned best tonight.”

I laugh and squeeze his hand. “You do great every night baby, that’s why EVERYONE is always talking about you and why everybody keeps coming back to watch you over and over. I’m very proud of you, you know.”

He flashed me a wide grin and we drove the rest of the way in silence. Once we arrived at the theater, Liam gave me one last kiss and looked towards the backstage. “Here goes nothing.” he whispered and squeezed me tight.

“Good luck! Not that you need it.” I smiled and waved at him and went to find my seat.

All around me people were buzzing about the Hollywood people being here. I didn’t see anyone that really screamed Hollywood Exec to me, but I was positive they were somewhere with a great seat of the show.

Around an hour later, the show started and everyone sat riveted to the actors. I felt just as nervous as they did as I noticed them sneak a glance in the audience for the scouts. Liam really did do an even better job tonight then before if that was even possible.

After the show, I ran backstage and gave him a tight hug and quick kiss. “You did great babe!” I whispered in his ear as some people I didn’t recognize moved through the crowd and stopped in front of us.

“Mr. Warren? I’m Mitchell Fallon, I’m a talent scout for Excite Entertainment of L.A and we would really like to talk with you.” he smiled and I felt Liam take a deep breath.

“Uh, Yes sir, where would you like to talk?” he asked as he grabbed my hand.

“There’s a meeting room down the hall. We can talk….privately.” he muttered looking down at me like I was some kind of groupie.

I raised my eyebrow and smiled softly. “Mr. Fallon, I’m Liam’s wife.” I emphasized the last word and looked him in the eye. “I’m sure it would be ok for me to sit in on the conversation?”

“Oh…yes, of course.” he nodded and walked ahead of us.

“Is this really happening?” Liam whispered leaning into me.

I giggled and nodded. “Uh-huh….I think it really is.”

A couple months later, everything was happening in a whirlwind. There were contracts, photo shoots for head shots, interviews and script readings. It didn’t take long for Liam to have a large entourage and for me to be pushed into the background often.

One night, Liam came home from yet another company hosted party, obviously trashed and I looked over at him shaking my head.

“Liam, what the heck is happening?” I asked tucking a loose strand of his hair back.

“What do you mean?” he slurred and flopped over on his back. “We’re living the life baby!” he laughed and pulled a blanket up and over his face.

I gently pulled it down and looked down at him sadly. “What if I don’t want this life? What if it’s just not what I pictured for our lives?”

He snorted and rolled over. “It’s all part of the package baby, get used to it.”

The very next night when I came home from doing some sight-seeing, I found our home overflowing with drunk women, and many of them hanging all over my husband. Not to mention a bunch of people standing around smoking and drinking who knows what.

“Liam Elliott Warren, what the hell is going on?!” I yelled storming through the room shoving half-dressed girls out of the way as I went.

“We’re hosting a party! You know, rubbing elbows and all that.” he smiled and took a sip of wine from his glass.

“Are you kidding me? You have women all over you right now….” I shook my head and started for the stairs.

“Where you going, Katy?” He asked leaning against the couch.

Taking a deep breath, I wiped my eyes and looked directly at him. “To our room, and I’m going to pack a suitcase. If this “party” isn’t over in the next couple of hours, I’m leaving. I can’t do this.”

“Baby, you know I love you, right?” he asked and took a step towards the stairs and motioned his arms around. “This is just business.”

I sniffled and shook my head running to our room and started shoving my things into a large suitcase.

Several hours later, the music was still thumping, and girls were still giggling and I could hear Liam murmuring to them. He didn’t even bother to come talk to me.

By the time I came out of the room around nine the next morning, the house was a disaster and there was a note on the table from Liam saying he had left for set to start filming.

So I did exactly what I told him I’d do. With tears streaming down my face, I turned his note over and wrote on the back “I’m leaving. I hope you have all the successes you’ve ever wanted. I won’t be along for this crazy ride. Goodbye, Love, Katy”

With one final look around, I rubbed some tears away and walked out of Liam Warren’s life


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