New Review and Reader Love for Nick Hunter

Hello, my dears, and welcome. Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba loved reading Blood is Heavier, and she insisted on asking a few very good questions. Read her review and my reluctant answers here.


Amanda Keeney Interviews Yours Truly

A Whisper of Hope author, Amanda Keeney, is asking me questions. I like her line of enquiry. She's asking good questions about my writing process and publishing journey. I answer in full. Curious? Take a peek.

Author Spotlight – Georgiann Baldino

Hello and welcome. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Georgiann Baldino, speaker and author.Georgiann Baldino loves to explore the ways great events affect real people. Her published works span a number categories, including suspense, historical fiction and a travelogue. Her excuses for following diverse subjects are: people captivate her, and she follows …

Authors Spotlight: Shamila Ghyas and Humeira Kazmi

Hello and welcome! Today's is a fully-packed issue. Settle down, for there's a lot to see. I'm introducing authors Shamila Ghyas and Humeira Kazmi, their very enjoyable YA book Aoife and Demon: Cursed by the Syhlain, we have an excerpt for you, I've written a review, and a fantastic question and answer session with both …