Eclipse poster Eternal Immortality

Book 2 in the Eternal series is out today.

In the meantime, book 1 in the series, Eternal Island, is still getting amazing reviews.

Here’s today’s: Eternal Island is a place of many magic persuasions and many mysteries. Invisible to anyone not invited, it homes vampires, witches, seers, mind-readers… pretty much any kind of paranormal entity you can imagine. It’s also a place of luxury, without hunger, deprivation, poverty – but a place ruled with the iron fist of Abe, the High Vampire, who dictates a firm-but-fair philosophy.

Abe is foretold of his true love by psychic, Rainey. His true love is Ariana, overwhelmingly desirable to him, but currently in a coma after a breakdown. Her husband died in a tragic accident and the shock caused her a total collapse. But rescued from her hospital bed by Rainey and her witch skills, she agrees to go to the island to meet her `supposed’ soul-mate. And once there, she soon discovers that she is a highly powerful witch with, seemingly, unlimited capabilities.

On her journey of self-discovery, during which her powers gradually manifest in the most unexpected and untimely ways, Ariana is pursued relentlessly by the love-stricken High Vampire. But Abe will have to learn some patience – not something he is used to – because Ariana, despite her irresistible attraction to Abe – is in no rush to jump into a relationship with anybody so soon after losing her husband – especially a vampire!

The story illustrates fascinating aspects of all things magical, all things devious – as we are introduced to the scheming Julia who is determined to seize control of the island – and all things romantic. With a tasteful input of sexual content, emotional roller-coasting, sneaky plans of betrayal and ominous warnings of tragedy, this story will hook you in and draw you effortlessly through the pages. There are some wonderfully drawn secondary characters, and a precise eye by the author for bringing so many characters and events to a neat and exciting conclusion. Recommended. – Gareth K. Stokes

Excited? Here’s where to find Eternal Immortality:


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