Spotlight on Paradox – Part III


Welcome to the third part of my spotlight of the Paradox Series and Patti Roberts, its creator. Over the last two weeks we had a close look at the first book in the series, The Angels Are Here (see post), and the second book, Progeny of Innocence (see post). Progeny of Innocence is still FREE to download from AmazonBarnes&Noble and Smashwords.

Now, I don’t want to give away too much of what else I have planned for next week, or the week after, but let’s just say that I will give you a glimpse of things to come.

Today, however, I will take you with me on a magical journey into Patti’s world.

If you want an example of dedication to a story, commitment to a world full of characters and fond devotion towards an audience, you couldn’t find a better one than Patti. She’s done so much more than simply writing a couple of books.

I read her books, out of the blue, and then found this amazing site with more of the same. At that moment, as I was suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, I thanked the Gods and my Angels for providing the perfect balm. Here’s what I mean.


Here’s an artist’s impression of this magical kingdom. Nothing is left to chance. You can see the Royal City of Altair with the Sea of Tranquillity on one side and the Forest of Doors on the other. You can see the Utopia Desert, the Khitan Empire, the Khnum Kingdom and the Ancient Bakhna Rakhna People from the Mountains of An-nasr.

And if being shown who all these people are and where they all live, Patti has given each of them their own coat of arms with a symbol characterizing their own race.

















You can see Abaddon’s snake tattoo on the Grigorian coat of arms, and the raven of the Ancients Bakhna Rakhna. There is a whole story in each one of these pictures.


On another page, Patti shows us pictures of what inspired some of the moments in Juliette’s existence. Mythology and real life combine beautifully to bring us this masterpiece.

There’s music, videos and trailers to soothe and inspire, and even a hypothetical cast which would really allow us to ‘see’ the books as they would appear in film, with a bit of imagination.

There is even a page full of products of various uses in a number of different designs, something I haven’t seen on many well-known authors’ sites. Have a look here, if you’re interested. The sheer range is unbelievable. One thing Patti has got perfectly right is the concept of BRAND.

Go on, take a look at this amazing site. It will be the best hour you’ve spent lost in magic, ever. You’ll come out a different person. I did.



And as if we didn’t already know Patti was a highly visual person, guess what else she does, to keep that side of her brain perfectly well-tuned?

Below is a sample collage of some of the book covers she produced, from a ready-to-buy portfolio. Patti will work with an author to design his or her cover, per author’s specification, and she also does teaser trailers for book launches and promotions, when she has time.

If you’d like to have a look at more of these and watch some of the trailers, here’s the link to that site.

Now, what do you think about Patti? Isn’t she a wonderful artist? Next week, we’ll have a look at the third book in the series, Bound by Blood, which is due out in October. If you would like to be entered in Patti’s competition (see the video at the top of the page), please leave your name and a way to contact you in the comments box, below.

5 Replies to “Spotlight on Paradox – Part III”

  1. Wow, that is quite a website! Looks like I’ll need to get that ball rolling soon, though it will be nowhere near as exciting as hers. 🙂

    1. She really inspires me. Patti is such a relentless hard-worker, and she has all these brilliant ideas. I keep telling myself I need a couple more pages. I’m just a bit tight for time right now. 🙂

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