REVIEW: The Angels Are Here, by Patti Roberts

‘A world where there are more questions than answers’ – Patti Roberts writes. A warning to her readers. Or it may be a challenge, a test.

Book one of the Paradox Series, ‘The Angels Are Here’ is an introduction to a world where mortals and supernatural beings coexist, some consciously aware of each other, and most – completely oblivious.

Soon after the opening scene of death and destruction in Altair, the Imperial City, we are introduced to a special child, Grace. Though she is very young – only eight years old – we immediately sense a cloud of mystery and deep significance hovering over her. This is no ordinary child, and we get drawn in, compelled to protect her. There is a feel of impending disaster which Patti Roberts seamlessly weaves through even the most innocent strands of her story.

Our bleak foreboding comes true when Grace loses her father. That scene actually brought tears to my eyes. It shows great empathy and great understanding of the human nature. Brilliant portrayal of the weeks of grief, as well, and of the helplessness of a child who becomes a carer too early in life, a child who makes a conscious decision to grow up. Grace sends her imaginary friend away and starts looking after her mother.

Patti Roberts knows how to build a credible character, and she does a great job of that with Grace and the passionate Grigorians – we have no doubts about Abbadon’s huge ego or Theria’s mischievousness. However, besides the deep bond between Grace and her father, I felt I didn’t really know much about the other characters. Perhaps I will learn more about them in Book two.

Great portrayal of Angela, Grace’s new friend, who looks suitably incompatible with the human world, and the slip ups Wade makes as he gets more and more settled around Grace and Kate. The conversation between the two girls is believable and funny, just what you would expect at their ages. I feel there is more to the Joshua character, but he is insufficiently developed in this book, and so this is probably another little mystery to solve.

Grace’s flashbacks are extremely well written – obviously Patti Roberts is in her element when writing dramatic scenes, no matter where in the world they may take place.

I feel a special mention should be made regarding the impressive amount of detail Patti Roberts has accumulated and organised in clear sections for the complete enjoyment of her fan base. This lady loves to indulge her readers, and it shows. The cover art and graphics throughout the book are top quality, absolutely amazing, and the angel wings heart necklace – a masterpiece.

All in all, a very enjoyable first book and a truly alluring fantasy world. This author is one to watch.

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