Spotlight on Kristie Haigwood

Allow me to introduce a wonderful author, Kristie Drennin Haigwood. She has recently released Forbidden Touch, a paranormal romance so full of action, you won’t be able to put it down. You can also have a look at her debut novel, Save My Soul, another brilliant read. I read and reviewed both books, and both got 5 shiny stars from me.

Now, from what I know, if you hurry, you’ll be able to download them both for free. I know Kristie likes to celebrate in style.

Here’s what myself and others had to say about Forbidden Touch:

Forbidden Touch is a paranormal novel with strong action and suspense scenes set against the background of a love triangle. Only things are not as simple as that.

Ciera is the vampire equivalent of a Homicide Detective. She is chasing a rogue vampire out on a rampage; it is her job to bring him to justice. Mitch Foley is the best human Homicide Detective, and his job is to crack the case of a string of twenty murders. What Ciera knows and Mitch doesn’t is that the murderer he is after is the vampire she seeks. I don’t want to let you into all the secrets, but be prepared for a lot of twists along the way.

As usual, Kristie Haigwood’s characterization is brilliant. The main characters are complex and fully developed. Secondary characters, too, have their own individual voices and are perfectly formed. Her observations on human nature are spot on – she uses it to show the scheming and intrigue we are really capable of when we put our minds to it.

The storyline is faced-paced, with most of the action centred around the need to escape from pursuers, both human and the far more dangerous, vampire ones, although my favourite is the fight scene at the end, where the author manages to sneak a few more twists and turns – she does this effortlessly and with great skill.

The romance part is sweet and tasteful, and shows Ciera in a quandary which only makes her more lovable. Pursued by the man she’s always pushed away, she is surprised to discover there is more to him than at first meets the eye. Dane is just as worthy of her love as Mitch is, and in fact, through his tremendous love, Dane finds the strength to do absolutely everything it takes to win Ciera’s affection, even if it means he has to forfeit his own life.

I would recommend this book to any reader who loves a fast-paced story. Kristie Haigwood’s style is clear an no-nonsense. There are no unnecessary descriptions, no padding to make the book last longer. The whole thing is action, end-to-end.

Just like her debut novel, Save My Soul, Forbidden Touch deserves my highest rating – five stars from me.

You can read other reviews for Forbidden Touch here.

And because I really, really like this book, here’s an excerpt I love:

“So…how long has it been since you…fed?”

She clapped her hands, and it startled him. “I’m so proud of you, Mitch. You said it! Say vampire.”

“Huh?” he said then looked at the passenger seat. He chuckled. She must have caught on that he was having a trouble coping with her situation. “Vampire,” he said with a smile, then looked back to the road. He came to a stop sign and turned southwest.

“Good,” she said energetically. “Now, say blood, feed and fangs. Say it quickly so you don’t chicken out.”

He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Blood, feed and fangs.” He paused. “Do you really have fangs?”

“Razor sharp ones,” she said a little spookily, and he laughed. “It has been a few days,” she said, and uncomfortably cleared her own throat.

He looked over to the empty seat. He could hear her, but he couldn’t see her. He needed to see her soon. He sped up a little. Not enough to get pulled over, but enough to get them to his house faster. He grabbed another slice of pizza, and got a little freaked when a slice hovered out of the box on its own, raised higher, and then the tip of it disappeared.


Here is my review of Save My Soul (left). More reviews here.


And if you’d like to learn more about Kristie, here’s a link to one of her interviews.


Now, before it’s too late, hurry. Go and download her books while they’re still free.


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  1. You are too kind, Ella. You make me sound far better than I could ever be and I love you for that. My head is swelling. I pray other readers enjoy my books half as much as you did. Thank you so much. muah xx :o)

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