REVIEW: Save my Soul, by K. S. Haigwood






Save My Soul is classed as a romance. I think that is wrong. I think this novel creates its own genre. I’ll call it ‘action romance’ for lack of a better description.

Kendra Larkin has a problem: she’s just had an accident that should kill her. But she’s too young to die, so she feels pressured to make a deal with an angel who can save her life. The trouble is, you can’t trust just any odd angel and there are some little details Coen has omitted to mention in the heat of the moment.

The events begin to unravel at break-neck speed and Kendra struggles to make sense of life with a guardian angel by her side and at the same time her own feelings towards her angel, Rhyan, dashing nurse Mason and the object of the task she’s been given – Dr. Adam Chamberlain, M.D.

I have to say, whenever I see mentions of angels, I worry. To me, religion is a private thing and I don’t enjoy having God and Christianity shoved down my throat. I needn’t have worried. Despite being full of angels from about page two onwards, Kristie Haigwood makes the storyline so real and its characters so well-defined, that it feels perfectly natural to have a guardian angel read your thoughts, talk to you incessantly and even pop in and out of existence when you least expect it.

There are so many twists and turns, you’ll be pointing down the wrong path more times than not. Kendra doesn’t know her mind and you’ll be living her emotions and rooting for her every step of the way. You might even recognize some of her predicaments, though you might not be able to deal with them with quite as much humor and light-hearted absurdity as she does. The scenes in which Kendra tries to make the models of her photography business look more camera-friendly are the funniest I’ve read in many months.

I can’t imagine there would be anybody that wouldn’t enjoy reading this book. It is funny, exciting, fast, sexy, grown up and playful all at the same time. For me it was a wonderful find, a fantastic experience. If I was searching for a read perfectly suited to myself, I couldn’t have found anything better.


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