The Lucky 7 Post

Yes – I got tagged. How did I leave myself so exposed? I just let people know I have a work in progress. So natural curiosity got the better of them.

I don’t mind. I like what I’ve written. The author who tagged me is the multi-talented Patti Roberts, the mastermind behind the Paradox Series.

What you’re supposed to do is go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript, go to line 7 and paste here the next seven lines or sentences.

Once you’ve done that, you can pick 7 other authors to tag, and they will have to do the same.


Here’s the cover for the first in my series, Martin Little, Resurrected.

I haven’t got a cover for the sequel yet, but I know I’m going to call it Martin Little Takes Epic Action.

And here is my excerpt:

I had to give it to the witch. The set-up was faultless. We were on the top of a cliff, overlooking the sea. Two fallen tree trunks constituted the seating area, and the low gorse bushes either side of us were eerily lit from their roots up with the help of short candle stubs stuck inside vividly painted jam jars. Frayed ribbons tied here and there in the higher branches of the shrubbery were twisting and whipping in the wind, always wilder here, at the top of the cliff. The way they were thrashing about gave the impression that something bad was about to happen and they were kicking and writhing, impatient to get away. I knew how they felt; I wasn’t any happier to be here myself.



Here’s Patti’s current work in progress.

She plans to release Bound by Blood in October.

And my seven nominees are:

Rosalind Kim Nazilli

James Eggebeen

Leo Noker

Kristine Cayne

Lucy Daleo

Uvi Poznansky

Rebecca Blackhurst



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