The Eternal Series

Book One – ETERNAL ISLAND – released 31 October 2012

Book Two – ETERNAL IMMORTALITY – due for release 10 May 2013

Book Three – ETERNAL INCEPTION – due for release second half of 2013, date TBA

Eternal Island is a paranormal suspense novel, deeply rooted into myth. Vampires and magic form a unique backdrop to a love story with long reaching consequences. Human girl Ariana Lochalan finds herself transported from the relative calm of her ‘Nowhere, Arkansas’ life into a diametrically opposite existence when she discovers she is a powerful witch and meant to wed High Vampire of Eternal Island, Abe Cambridge. Despite first-sight magnetism, the two protagonists are being pushed apart, obstacles tripping them at every step, outside forces interfering and threatening their peace, and ultimately their lives. A world rich in magic and intrigue, Eternal Island is the first instalment of a saga which has love at its core and delves through the mire that is human nature in a turmoil of feeling and emotion. Would courage, resilience and love be enough to bring together two soul mates?


ETERNAL ISLAND reached #1 on the Goodreads list Best Books featuring witches on 22 Jan 2013. Both Kristie and I are very, very happy.

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  • This book starts out with Ariana missing from the mental hospital where she’s been in a coma since her husband’s death. She has been spirited away by Rainey who is a physic/witch. They go to Eternal Island where she meets Abe, who is the High Vampire and King of Eternal Island. You have got to read this book so you can find out exactly what happens between the two of them. There’s romance, new friendships, excitement and evil people all in this book. Where else can you find everything you want and expect to read in a book. I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to read Book 2. (L. Brashears)

The storyline captivated me from the beginning. We start with Arianna, who due to a recent tragedy, is in a medically induced comma. On the other side of the world, Rainey has a vision of Abe’s (the high vampire of eternal island) soulmate, Arianna ofcourse. Abe’s never been in love, and his soulmate a human, not a vampes? Needless to say Raineys adventure in bringing Arianna to the island, watching the connection between Abe & Arianna, the friendship between Abe & Rainey, well it was just put together perfectly. There are many quite funny moments, there is love, passion, drama, mystery, well just everything you need in a great book. Great job ladies, super excited for Raineys story in book 2. (Liz Cabrejos)

  • I love K.S. Haigwood’s writing! I was excited to learn that she was working on a new paranormal series and I was not disappointed. Abe,Ariana,and Rainey are infused with such personality and humor, before you know it you are hooked in their story. Eternal Island sounds like a wonderful place to live and I can’t wait to visit again. If you like to read paranormal romance and suspense don’t pass this one up! Bring on Rainey’s story,I’m ready! (Football Mom)

Ariana Lochalan is in a mental hospital, in a coma. She has been diagnosed as suffering from acute stress disorder due to the sudden accidental death of her husband at work. The doctors don’t know when she will wake up, or even if she will wake up.
At the same time Rainey, a powerful witch, is doing a psychic reading for Abe. Abe is the High Vampire and King of Eternal Island. As Rainey is doing the reading she starts to believe Abe will meet a young woman, fall in love with her, and marry her. Turning to her crystal ball she calls up a picture of the young lady. It is Ariana. Abe takes one look and tells Rainey to find her and bring her back to Eternal Island. No questions asked, no excuses. Abe wants her on the island tomorrow.
Rainey does find Ariana, and does bring her back to Eternal Island. On the flight back she explains what the island is. It was settled about 400 years ago. The mortals started to find out vampires and witches were real. So they killed as many of them as they could find. They also killed a lot of innocent people as well. So the vampires and witches fled to Eternal Island, where they live in peace.
Thus begins a very enjoyable story. As a paranormal romance it works on several levels. The author’s descriptions are detailed, and you will be able to see the castle, and the lush island landscape. Abe tries to woo the young Ariana, but Ariana is a bit feisty and she is not so sure she wants a vampire as a boyfriend anyway. She also doesn’t know if she really wants to be Queen of Eternal Island either. If she becomes Queen it means leaving her old life behind, along with all of her friends. But Abe is not going to give up until until he wins the hand of the woman he believes is destined for him. And as time goes by it appears Ariana may not be 100% human after all.
Eternal Island is an easy read. The pacing is nice and relaxed. There aren’t so many twists and turns as to make the book complicated to read. But there are a few. You will find yourself identifying with the characters, and will have a hard time picking your favorite. Mine was Abe. He is the High Vampire, and a strict ruler. But he has his soft spots. Ariana can find them, and exploit them. This is a fun book, and perfect for an escape from “real life.” (Don Martin)

  • I was a beta reader for this book in exchange for an honest review. I quickly became attached to the main Vampire, Abe. He is savvy and dominate over everyone, but Arianna. He became addled around her and that was so endearing. I love the fact that Airanna was swooped up by a private plane and whisked away to an island where discovery and romance rule. The story provided plot twists that caused me to lean closer to my kindle as I read along. I love the writing style of Ms. Haigwood, and this book gave me a true escape to “Eternal Island” and I can’t wait for a ticket to go back. (Karli Rush)



Jonah was curious, which was nothing new; he was that way all the time. He learned a lot by asking questions, but at the same time, that’s what got him into most of his trouble. “Where are you going tonight and why haven’t you slept in three days?”
“Didn’t I tell you?”
“I don’t think you did.”
“Can’t be any of your damn business, then, can it?” Abe said with a smile on his face.
“Abe, come on. No one will find out. I won’t say anything about it to anybody, I swear. Look, you tell me what’s bothering you and where you’re going tonight, and I’ll tell you what’s bothering Lidia,” Jonah offered. He would hate to give up Lidia’s secret, but he really wanted to know what was up with Abe.
Abe got into bed, pulled the comforter over him, fluffed his pillow twice and turned his back to Jonah. “Turn that light out when you leave.”


“Uh, Miss, can I…” But the waitress was a good twenty feet away and didn’t hear her over the hum of the diners’ voices.
As the waitress turned towards another table, around a dozen of the straws in her apron came out and started floating in the air straight toward Ariana, where they landed in her lap. The three of them stared wide-eyed at the straws as Ariana finished her sentence. “… get a straw, please?”
Becky looked to Ariana. “Did you just do that?”
“I didn’t do anything. I just asked her for a straw.”


“I said, I need to talk to you!”
“Yeah, I heard you. You didn’t bother to ask if I wanted to listen. I’m not one of your little tramps that is gonna bow down and call you ‘My Lord’ or ‘Your Highness’ or beg to kiss your ass any time soon, so go jump off a bridge. Rainey, didn’t you tell me that if I wanted to go home you would erase my memory and take me back? Let’s do it.”
Abe bowed his head and dropped to his knees. Everybody stared. “Which one?”
Ariana turned to gawp at him, too. “Excuse me?”
Abe looked up at Ariana and a tear rolled down his face. “I’ll do it. Which bridge would you like me to jump off? I would do anything for you to stay, just long enough to hear the whole story. If you still want to go after that… I won’t stop you. And you can still choose the bridge, although the sun will actually get the job done faster.”


She’d been kissing along his jaw line and had just reached his lips when he turned over fast and captured her in his arms.
He kissed her softly. “I think I will hold on to you this time, in case you decide to spring another flying lesson on me; you will have no choice but to come along for the ride.”
Ariana smiled up at him. “I’ll go with you next time, I promise.” Her eyes shone with an inner glow. “I want you, Abe. Now.”
That was all she had to say. He hooked his thumbs in his waistband, but his slacks and boxers just disappeared, to land on the floor, next to her lacy bra. A second later her panties fluttered through
the air and settled on top.


Eternal Island on Amazon US and on Amazon UK.


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