Cover Reveal: Accepting the Moon, by K.S. Haigwood

  ACCEPTING THE MOON is available for pre-order! Get your copy now! ~~~ There is a new Alpha Wolf in town, and she is about to change everything. Mena had all she wanted in life: a nice house, money, a successful husband who treated her like a queen. That was, until she found out her …

Writer Wednesday – Ella Medler

Made by Meghan

Let’s welcome author Ella Medler to Writer Wednesday on the blog!! I haven’t been doing these posts regularly for while, but when Ella mentioned her novella ‘Not Juliet’ to me I knew I had to tell you all about it  plus an excerpt and a new recipe – YAY!

Made by Ella Medler

Easy-make, flourless, low-fat macaroons

In a bowl big enough to make a salad put 4 egg whites.
Whip them until stiff, adding 4 spoonfuls of sugar as you go.
Add any flavorings (I like a dash of extra almond).
Now add in equal quantities shredded coconut and ground almonds (almond meal) until the mix reaches dropping consistency.
You want to be able to drop sloppy spoonfuls of this on a baking sheet.
Bake for about ten minutes – or until firm to touch.
Cool on a cooling rack.
Drizzle melted chocolate for a luxury finish.
low-fat macaroons
Meghan’s note: make sure…

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Why Genre Hopping is your best friend

I am not going crazy! This is such a relief!

Shannon A Thompson

Shannon, here, to announce our last guest blogger. That’s right. Our last. I will be back on May 29, but today is a wonderful day, because Ryan Attard – author of The Legacy Series – is sharing his thoughts on genre hopping, something we both feel very passionately about. Ryan has blogged on here before, so you might be familiar with him, but if you’re not, check out his website and podcast by clicking the links.

This is one of those subjects that gets a bad rep just for daring to go against the dogma, as established by . . . who knows who, and who knows where. Personally, I dislike rules and constraints of any sort – the reason I am an artist is because I wish to express myself in a free manner, and trying to limit art in any way shape or form…

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The Exchange Bucket

A short story to warm your soul. Same goes for writers. A little means such a lot! Enjoy! 🙂


Years ago I sent out the following in an email to family. Now I think I might take this little story and turn it into a larger one. Either way, I wanted to share it with you today:

I finally have a neighbor I like that likes me, or at least pretends to. We see each other in random passing’s, usually on our way out of or into our houses. Sometimes we are rushed and can only manage a quick wave or smile and a ‘Hi!’…but I really like the days we seem to catch each other at good times and can chat for a few minutes about our kids (they have two young boys) or our yards (theirs looks much nicer than ours!) or our below par sewer systems and drainage ways. The normal friendly neighbor stuff.
This season, however, the fruit trees in both of our yards have been…

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Away day…

Just letting you know I won't be around tomorrow. My computer expert was concerned enough about the state of little Tosh, my poorly laptop, to fit me in right away. I'll be laptop-less tomorrow. Feeling sad already, as I back up every tiny file, twice. 😦 Tomorrow will have to be a kindle day.