New Release: Beast Charming, by Jenniffer Wardell



Beast Charming tells the story of Beauty, who works as a temp at an agency run by a high-tempered dragon. To avoid running into her conniving and desperately-craving-for-nobility father – conveniently named Noble – she takes on a peculiar job that will force her to converse with James, who got cursed by an ex-girlfriend and is now spending his days as, well, a beast. The rest of the story develops into a hysterical tale of a classic fairy tale romance gone modernly awry.

Deseret News review:

Salt Lake City author Jenniffer Wardell’s novel “Beast Charming,” a funny and clever retelling of the beloved “Beauty and the Beast” fairy tale, is a surprisingly modern story with just enough fairy-tale elements to keep it whimsical. With plenty of banter, romance and just enough deviations from the original tale to keep things fresh, “Beast Charming” can easily fulfill all of a reader’s fairy-tale escape needs while sharing some lovely themes as well.

Goodreads reviews:

“Beast Charming is a great twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. This book stays true to the overall aspects but adds enough twists and turns to make it memorable. Wardell’s writing and whit are unmatched in any retelling I’ve encountered so far. Her characters are REAL and exaggerated at the same time.”

“I had a hard time putting it down, even when my husband threatened to turn the lights out. When I had to put it down, I couldn’t wait to pick it up again. I wanted to know where it was going and I wasn’t disappointed at the end. It is completely different than the fairytale done by Disney, but no less enchanting.”

Oh my goodness. This author just continues to blow me away. Jenniffer Wardell has this amazing, witty sense of humor that interweaves into her storytelling. Her writing just flows effortlessly for me. Beast Charming was thrilling, refreshing, full of wit, charm, & an amazing bit of humor all mingled together. It brought about new life to an old, classic fairytale!

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Meet the author:

Jenniffer Wardell is a fantasy romance author and general fairy godmother-at-large. She’s always on the lookout for witty dialogue and a well-earned happily-ever after. Anyone who wants to chat or trade jokes can find her at,, or

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