R.E. Hargrave – An Author Divine…

You must remember the discussion, a couple of weeks back… or maybe more than that, I forget. We were talking about decent, well-written books, and how rare it was to find quality erotica that not only didn’t make you cringe, but it actually made you want to read more.

Well, I’ve found that author, and now I am addicted!

Read on.

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The first thing that caught my attention was this novella, The Food Critic. R.E. gifted it to me, and what a lovely gift it turned out to be! It warmed my heart and made me smile. Written in an easy style, it is fun and oh-so-tasty! The plot idea is simple – food critic falls in love with restaurant owner – but the characters are what really brings the story to life. There is depth and emotion, a back story and even the right sort of pecans… I read it all in one go, and I wish there was a second and third book in the series.

Hint, hint, R.E.


I jumped at the chance to dive into her Divine Trilogy. So far, I read the first and bought the second and third. I hate that there are only three books in this series.

Again, what happened was that I was hooked – pulled right in and drowned in emotion. Whether Catherine and Master, or Erin and Jayden, the characters behaved like normal people, people with history, own thoughts and passions. Yes, there is sex, and yes, there is that sub-dom relationship which is uncomfortable to some readers, but believe me when I say it is tastefully done, easy to understand and follow, and a pleasure to read. This book is not about the sex, it is about two people who overcome their limitations because they found each other, and together they found love.

And that is what sets R.E. Hargrave’s writing apart. Her erotica is about the people, about love and emotion, and ultimately, about life.


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R.E. Hargrave’s site   R.E. on Facebook   The Divine Trilogy


6 Replies to “R.E. Hargrave – An Author Divine…”

  1. I rarely, if ever, read erotica. However, if you recommend this novel as quality, I may try it once.
    Best of luck, Ms Hargrave, with your writing!

  2. I got into erotic books because a couple of authors I loved started writing the genre. I couldn’t believe how good they were and it made me wonder how many other great reads I’d missed. I try these just because of your recommendation, Ella!

    1. Well, I burned through the series. Now I’m scouring for other good finds. Hmm… I think I might start a trend, with links. PERFECT EXAMPLES OF (insert genre here). What do you think? 😀

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