Review: Nightcrawler, by John Reinhard Dizon

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Nightcrawler is a vigilante adventure set in New York. Just a word about the cover – while it fits the story quite well, it doesn’t do it justice. I loved the book. I hate the cover.

But it’s a 5-star story, so I want to tell you about it. Just ignore the picture.

Beware the skill and values of an intelligent woman. After a misspent youth, Bree buckles up and decides to take life seriously. Thus, the Nightcrawler is born. That’s all you’re getting from me in terms of plot. You really need to read this book. I blazed through it in one sitting and loved every minute.

A wide range of secondary threads weave around the main story line, each showcasing a different aspect of New York life. Brilliantly executed, this is a very engaging action thriller with enough humanity to make it enjoyable to a wide audience. Certainly a book I would recommend.


4 Replies to “Review: Nightcrawler, by John Reinhard Dizon”

  1. I love plots and sub plots and a wide cast of characters. About the cover art. Not crazy about it but it’s not too bad. It kind of makes me think a creature feature though. Thanks for the new author, Ella. Might have missed this one!

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