Review: Tiara, by John Reinhard Dizon

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I love reading books based on actual fact, and Tiara is probably the best I’ve read so far. Based loosely on the “Troubles” and the political storm between Northern Ireland and Britain, though still fiction, this story is so near the knuckle, it is impossible not to do the occasional double take.

Names have been changed, but there’s no doubting the main players, Princess Jennifer of Edinburgh especially. It takes some guts to be so accurate when relaying the setting and intrigue, and I wondered more than once where did the author manage to find all the details. Whatever the answer, it is a brilliant account of those events and the many players involved in the power games, even those who didn’t become clear until months or years later.

While crafted as a thriller, John R Dizon tempered the fast pace and tension with genuine Irish humor and a quirky dry wit, making the whole package a much more enjoyable read than it could have been. Beautifully written, this is prose at its best, and you can be assured of not one dull or tedious moment. The characters feel real, because they have been based on real people. The storyline is flowing, because it is well thought-out, and the plot is suspenseful and brilliantly paced. For a historical-political thriller, it doesn’t get any better. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Five shiny stars from me.


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