Review: Confessions of a Fat Girl, by Ebony Daniels

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Mostly a personal account of a woman’s growth from stick-thin teenager through to a fully formed adult, this was an emotional experience for me. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more truthful account of life with a plus-sized body. So many elements rang true, and I could empathize in so many ways. The author leaves no aspect of her existence untouched. The ways in which additional weight reflects in every angle of a fat person’s life is various and painful. Yes, I said ‘fat’ and I am aware it is not a politically correct, acceptable description, but what is the point of calling an apple a round-shape-fruit-which-is-often-red-and-tastes-good? Will it make it more appealing, or maybe less? Its essence doesn’t change regardless. Get what I mean here?

Ebony Daniels, I wish you the best in the journey you set yourself. You are a beautiful person and I am lucky to have had access to your thoughtful words and amazing story.

For all of you out there who may think you have – or really have – a body that is bigger than what society tells us is a perfect size, please read this book. You will find truth and wisdom, and maybe even your happily ever after. There is no way this book could earn any less than 5 stars. I’m going right back to the beginning and reading it again.


10 Replies to “Review: Confessions of a Fat Girl, by Ebony Daniels”

  1. I used to be fat. Now I am not. So I have seen society from both ends of the pole. The difference in how people perceive you and react to you is so huge that a psychologist can do a research paper on it.

  2. MMMMM cupcakes. My hubby has a weight issue and always will. Sometimes peoples comments (usually behind his back) can be cruel. He works out almost every day and our eating habits are not totally terrible. We haven’t had pizza in over a month. ^_^ I guess the main thing is – we all need to learn to be comfortable in our bodies, no matter what shape or size.

    1. Trouble is, no matter how hard we try, there’s always someone out there, judging. What’s more important, I think, is our attitude. And that’s something Ebony Daniels hit straight on the head.

  3. You could put any descriptive word in the title and have some issues. Judging someone by appearance is so lame. The author was very courageous to share this book and I hope people from both sides read it.

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