Author Spotlight: Lori Soard

lori-headHello and welcome, my dear friends. I’d like to introduce a wonderful author to you today, share an excerpt of her novel, Dear Viking (what an intriguing title, don’t you think?), ask Lori Soard a few questions and also invite you to take part in a contest. Are you sitting comfortably? Then, let’s begin…

Lori Soard has a PhD in Journalism but she’s hardly the stuffy professor type. She enjoys writing romantic comedies, such as Finding Ms. Right, gets excited over a good comedy and has even seen one of her books turned in a Manga comic. When she isn’t working on fiction, she is writing articles, designing websites and promoting authors.


tnDearVikingDescription: Rök Erikson comes from a long line of Viking warriors. The tradition of his upbringing, his new Christian faith and the code of honor that says he must protect his family at all costs wage war within him. He and his brothers go on a mission to kill Jarl Van of Colby before the man can make another attempt on their father’s life. The code of honor insists that they either kill or be killed, however, there are dark forces at work of which Rök is unaware.

Leani is the daughter of the jarl Rök believes is making attempts on his father’s life. When the eldest brother reaches her village ahead of Rök and the rest of the party, he kills her father and defiles her frail sister. Enraged, and fearing for her own life, Leani drives a silver dagger into his neck. Leani is captured by the vile Eriksons and forced to leave behind her broken sister as they take her to face a trial for killing the Viking who murdered her father.

Leani’s life hangs in the balance as she struggles with her guilt over taking the life of another and tries to find forgiveness where none should exist. Her faith will be tested to the limits as she fights a growing attraction to her enemy, tries to hide the truth about her identity, uncovers a treachery that runs deep within the Erikson clan, and sees how God can come to your rescue even when all hope seems lost…


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…Bright twines of lightning lit the sky. Leani lifted her head, allowing the rain to saturate her face. If she could only wash the sin of murder from her soul. The thunder stopped for a moment, as if the angels held their breath.

Leani looked to the crest of the hill. Lightning spooned across the night, highlighting the dark figure standing on the mound. Leani’s heartbeat hammered in her ears. She rose to her feet, braced for another confrontation.

A leather tunic covered his torso and a red cape was clasped with a bronze brooch. With the lightning flashing around his head and his long golden-brown hair blowing in the wind, the man looked like the war god. Impossible. Leani didn’t believe in gods. Her family had converted to Christianity when she’d been in her ninth summer.

An inner awareness whispered that she knew this man, had always known him. Yet, he was a stranger. The night closed around them once again as the storm paused.

Leani pushed aside the stubborn hair that kept blowing across her face. Her gaze was unfocused on the blackness of the hill. The very earth seemed to hiss with the next jagged burst of lightning.

The man was no longer in sight, and Leani wondered if he had been real. A weight settled on her spirit, like water washing over the sides of a sinking ship. When the light came again, the warrior was twenty feet in front of her, taking ground-eating strides.

Leani’s knees trembled. Had she avenged her father’s death only to meet the same shame as her sister? She glanced around frantically for a weapon. She would not give up her life or her virtue without a fight.

With each step in her direction, the man appeared even more imposing—broader of shoulder, firmer of resolve. Leani took a step backward and another. Lightning flashed and she had the impression of pale silver eyes. Piercing. Cutting. Another bolt and she saw an angled jaw and firm chin.

Halting when her back hit the rough planks of the door, Leani resisted pushing her way inside. Another assault would kill what little essence her sister had left in a hollowed-out body. If she kept the Viking monster from her dwelling, he would never realize another woman was within.

Leani summoned all her courage into a tight fist of bravery, letting it sit heavily in her midriff. Her only weapon lay buried in the fallen man’s neck.

Fear dissolved as the man passed her by and dropped to his knees beside the dead warrior.

“Brother.” His voice cracked on the word.

Leani edged closer. The warrior pulled the dagger free and held his hands over the wound as if he could hold the blood in.

Vikings were cold, heartless warriors. She’d been raised among them. Never had she seen such a display of emotion on a battlefield. They did not stop to cry over those who had fallen. Dying in war was glorious. Brother… Father… It did not matter the relationship to the fallen warrior. Vikings didn’t lament the passing of life from this world to the next.

“May the angels of heaven escort you on your journey to Valhalla with the Valkyries.”

The man’s voice had the sharp timber of cracking ice. Leani shivered again.

“Angels?” The word slipped past her curious lips. Was the man a Christian? But, he’d also mentioned the lovely maidens sent down from Asgard to escort slain warriors to the great hall of Valhalla.

The man rose slowly to his feet and turned to face her. Leani’s heartbeat pounded in her ears. He had called the vile, murdering beast brother. Had he seen her plunge the knife into his brother’s throat? Would he now ram his sword through her?

“Murderess.” The words sizzled off his lips like steam.

Leani raised her chin, fighting her own conscience at having taken another’s life. She had killed to avenge two wrongs and to protect others from the same fate as had befallen her sister. If that was wrong, then she was a murderess.

“Your brother was the murderer.”

“Your jarl tried to assassinate my family. My brother was justified in whatever he did.”

“J-Jarl?” The bitter taste in her mouth must have been a premonition. Had these men come here to eliminate her father for political reasons?

“Jarl Van of Colby.”

Leani expected the words and yet they still stole her breath. “Jarl Van is dead.”

“It’s no less than he deserves.”

If Leani had possession of the knife she’d sunk into his brother, she’d sink it into his flesh as well. Her father had been a gentle farmer. Now he lay dead because of this man’s brother. What would he do to her if he discovered she was Jarl Van’s daughter?…


Q&A with Lori:


Q: When you aren’t writing, what are you doing?

A: I love to read and my taste is really eclectic. I read everything from cookbooks to nonfiction accounts of history to horror novels to romances. I love a good mystery. As long as the book is well written, it usually interests me.

Q: What are you working on right now?

A: I’m about halfway through a contemporary romance novel about a new town I’ve created. The main character is the director of a nursing home that is in trouble, but the residents are like her family. She is trying to figure out how to save the nursing home. Her old high school crush may be on the scene as well, standing in the way of her saving the home.

Q: What is your biggest challenge with the story?

A: There is a secondary character, an elderly woman, who has such a forceful personality that she takes over every scene she is in. I’ve had to do a lot of re-rewriting to keep her in line. In fact, I’m thinking about writing her love story as a historical book. She is that dynamic. Her name is Libby and I talk about her in my blog post What a Character! (
Q: What are your hobbies?

A: My kids keep me pretty busy. Every once in a while, I’ll try a craft or attempt to learn to play the piano, but most of my time is spent with my youngest daughter and her competitive cheerleading activities or running up to see my oldest daughter at college. I am truly blessed to have not one, but two amazing daughters. They are smart, independent, funny, kind and everything I wanted them to be.
Q: What is your favorite television show?

A: We have Netflix and I love to wait until a show has been out several seasons and then watch a bunch of episodes at once. My recent favorite was Revenge, but I just finished watching it. I’ll have to find something new to watch. A lot of people have been recommending Breaking Bad, so hubby and I are thinking about starting on that series next.
Q: You mentioned your husband. Tell us about him…

A: We’ve been married for 24 years. He is my high school sweetheart. We are pretty boring to other people, but not to each other. I get his sense of humor and vice versa. We love to cuddle up in our jammies and watch reruns of Quincy on Netflix. He drives me crazy, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything. He is a wonderful, Christian man, dedicated father and hard worker. He’s also taken a lot of teasing for titles like Housebreaking a Husband, but was good spirited about it.
Q: Why writing?

A: I can’t imagine doing anything else. I truly love what I do and feel extremely blessed to be able to make a living writing. I haven’t got God’s plans for my life or my family completely figured out, but I do know that this is one thing he wants me to do. If I can touch one person’s heart or change someone in a small way, then I’ve made an impact on this world. What could be better?


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6 Replies to “Author Spotlight: Lori Soard”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed viking stories. They were firecely loyal and brave and had a deep religious calling. Sounds very dramatic.
    Your new romance sounds fun. I’ve read a similar one about a nursing home and the young woman who ends up running it. The characters were so genuine and there were many funny incidents. Would be interested in reading it when it’s published.
    Thanks for introducing a new author Ella! You know me, never can find enough!

  2. Hi FUOnlyKnew,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am in love with Vikings now. I may wind up writing another book on the Erikson family, too. I will be finished with my current book in about three more months, so it should be out in the next year sometimes. It usually takes three to six months to go through edits, have the cover designed and my publisher to get it scheduled.

  3. Awesome cover and I love to read about Vikings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love to read interviews to learn more about authors and what inspires them.

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