Review (and an AWARD): Back to December, by Patti Korbet

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I knew I was in trouble as soon as I was done reading the first page of this book. There was no way I was going to be able to stop myself from reading more. But I was busy. So the clever thing to do was to put it aside and pick it up again when my schedule cleared. Only I told myself a few more pages wouldn’t hurt.

By the following day, when I finally finished reading, my work schedule had suffered a lot. Warning: this is not a short read, or a boring one. Make sure you’ve fed your family and pets before you sit down to read.

Just take this intro. It’s an absolutely classic hook.

“Emily Ward could pinpoint the moment everything in her life changed, and it wasn’t even her moment. It was the second Dan proposed – not to her, but to her little sister, Charlotte.”

From here on, this book only gets better and better.

I loved Emily right from the very beginning, perhaps because I could identify with her so easily. It was almost as if I could see myself in her – well, if I was younger and prettier, anyway. The other characters are beautifully formed. Rob… Ahhh, Rob… Who could resist him? I still dream of him. Even the secondary, rarely mentioned characters I loved. I feel invested in them all, so much so that I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

So after gushing over the characterization, you’d think that’s it, right? Wrong. The plot is so much fun, so I-know-what’s-gonna-happen-next… until it doesn’t. Loved, loved, loved the twists in the plot, and the ending was fantastic – the perfect happily ever after.

I’ve been bowled over by the deep insights and meaningful perception of family relations, greed and envy, and redemption, shown by this author. It takes a lot of living to learn all that. Or a lot of sensitivity. And a lot of talent to relay it in a story just right.

At heart, Back to December is a romance, but one with many layers. It’s hard to explain quite how profoundly enjoyable I found this book to be. At this particular moment in time, I have one conundrum: do I proceed to book 2 in the series, or do I re-read this one?

Brilliant read. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Well done, Patti Korbet. Five stars are just not enough.


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For the depth of feeling this novel has awoken in me, for the tears it made me shed and for the giggles that made my family look at me with a she’s-lost-it frown on their faces, I award Back to December the Life Changing Read Award. Congratulations, Patti Korbet! I am so pleased to be able to add your name to my Awesome Authors Gallery. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

4 Replies to “Review (and an AWARD): Back to December, by Patti Korbet”

  1. I can see how that lead in hooked ya Emma. Great one. If the whole book is like that, there’d be no way to resist reading more… Thanks for your recommendation. I ‘ll check this one out.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the book and are looking forward to the next one. Sometimes, I reread the first and then go right into the second, third……as if it is one long book. Happy reading, Ella.

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