Review: Amazon Book Reviews: Fair & Unbiased, by Thomas Jerome Baker

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Ok, so I approached this book with about as much respect as your average teenager would your grandma’s set of false teeth. What is the point, I wondered, of writing a book about writing book reviews? As if there weren’t enough tutorials online, or hints and pointers on every site. Don’t be personal, control your emotions, stay objective, focus on the good parts of a book, mention what segment of the market would enjoy it, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m a reviewer, too, I published hundreds of book reviews. I know all that.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the level of intelligence and intuition with which this book is written, nor did I expect the absolute honesty with which the content is presented – all done so smoothly, and with such effortless tact, that you’ll be halfway through the book before you even realize you got there. You get explanations, links, comparisons, pointers – everything you need to get you walking down the right track – offered in an easy-follow, entertaining voice full of wisdom.

I expect every reader will take away only those words they agree with, but if you consider yourself a serious reviewer, or maybe are just starting out with a mind to make book reviewing a possible career, or even if all you are looking for is a technique to help you formulate and present your opinions, you need to read this book. It will give you the tools for writing not just a review, but a useful evaluation that will help the prospective reader, and the author alike.

Very impressive work, well deserving of 5 stars. I simply couldn’t pass the chance to write this review.


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