Autism – What Does It Mean?

This morning I read an article on D.M. Kilgore’s blog. It made me wiser by far. I have two words for you: read it!

It goes like this:

Why, if that was your kid you’d bust that butt and tell her to stop acting like a cry-baby! Geesh.  You slip a disapproving glance their way and the mother drops her head in defeat… but only for a moment.  Suddenly, she’s the one shooting you an icy stare.  And… then she approaches.  Her jaw is set determinedly, and if looks could kill… buddy you’d be a dead man.  An instant too late, you wish you had just grabbed the cereal and made a clean getaway.

The mother lays into you for being a judgmental jerk and explains that her daughter is Autistic.  In your haste to get away, you make a detrimental mistake, and apologize by saying, “I’m sorry.  It’s just that, well, she doesn’t look retarded.”

IF you live through that, she might enlighten you about Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Overload, oh, and the sheer ignorance of using the “r” word.  She might even roll her eyes at your stupidity or pat you sadly on the head.


2 Replies to “Autism – What Does It Mean?”

  1. I read the post. It was very good. I had no idea how to differentiate between a meltdown and a tantrum before this. Thanks for sharing the link. 🙂

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