Review: Circle of Five, by Jan Raymond

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A novel for young audiences, this was a surprisingly entertaining read, considering I am well past that age.

Refreshingly original and recounted with a good dose of wit and humor, the adventures these five youngsters were drawn into are full of heart and useful life lessons

The issues of friendship and trust are at its core, resourcefulness and confidence in one’s abilities, as well as social interactions – all these were well observed and used throughout the book in a down-to-earth manner sure to appeal to today’s young readership.

A smooth writing style did justice to all descriptions, but for me, the characters really stood out. Genuine, normal kids who had incredible powers thrust upon them. It was the way they dealt with this, the way they saw it – blessing or curse – the emotion, and the way they came together as a team to conquer evil, that made me really enjoy this book.

Full of action, a rollercoaster of adventure and fun, the Circle of Five fully deserves its shiny five stars. I wholeheartedly recommend it.


4 Replies to “Review: Circle of Five, by Jan Raymond”

    1. Emma! I missed you! I know – how do these days just dissipate into nothing? I owe you a decent email. Got some tight deadlines at the moment, but I’ll make sure to send you a couple of lines. 🙂

      PS – St. Patrick’s Day was awesome!

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