Review: To Have & To Haunt, by J.A. Howell

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If you haven’t read this book yet, what’s keeping you? Such a breath of fresh air! Brilliant read, from the first page to the last.

Written in a very original voice, this novel is full of unexpected surprises. The characters are beautiful people, not perfect, yet still able to show so much love towards each other. The plot is chock-full of twists and turns. The concept – pure genius! A seer who gets on the wrong side of a ghost is not a new idea, but the way the story unfolds is unique. The action is non-stop. Dynamic, suspenseful, thrilling. Dialogues – natural and unforced, and so witty you won’t stop laughing.

The story of Nolan and Harley is not a funny one by any means, nor is it a drama. Regardless, this novel packs so many life lessons, so much wisdom and truth. Loved every word of it. The Irish and Scottish inflections are accentuated phonetically, and it was funny to read some of the dialogue aloud. Again, playing on the stereotypes proved to be a wonderful way to bring some extra fun to the more intense, suspenseful scenes.

As for the finale… Boy, does this author know how to build up a happy ending! Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic. Couldn’t have been improved in any way.

All in all, a very well-written book, which has given me hours of entertainment (and not only because I’ve recently moved to Ireland), To Have & To Haunt is well-deserving of five stars. Wholeheartedly recommend it.


2 Replies to “Review: To Have & To Haunt, by J.A. Howell”

  1. Great review Ella. It’s hard to make a story unique with so many out there. I’ve been lucky and read several lately. Lovin the cover art for this one too!

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