Equality, you say? Not if you’re an indie!

I’ve poked my head out of my writing cave for a few minutes, having finished work on my Valentine’s Day release, Not Juliet. Yes, it’s done!

Ok, back to business.

I was seeking reassurance, I suppose, that my work would compete on the same level with all the others out there, and that quality will win out, no matter the method of publication, and no matter of who gets to read and review it. Because I won’t pay for reviews. That would be silly.

And then I find this article on Indies Unlimited. Equal treatment?

Yeah, right! Isn’t it enough that traditional publishers have done everything in their power to crumble and fall off their pedestals – in my view, at least? Reviewers are doing that, too? Good names, recognized names? Is there anyone left you can trust?

Not if they ask for your money, it seems.


2 Replies to “Equality, you say? Not if you’re an indie!”

  1. I believe they jack the price of the reviews so high because they know we won’t pay it; they don’t want to be marked as an Indie review site, because we aren’t REAL writers. Ha!

  2. Interesting article. I’ve steered clear of Kirkus because I’ve heard how expensive they are. Seems crazy to spend that much for a review. Then again, I don’t begrudge authors who do. As long as they’re comfortable with their choice, I am, too.

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