Review: Surviving Mancation, by L.J. Noker

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Nine friends in one remote holiday house for a long weekend of R&R. What could possibly go wrong?

I mean, they’ve got enough food.

Surviving Mancation is an original mix of mystery, crime and thriller, at times introspective and often hilarious, with enough twists to make you pleasantly dizzy. A classic ‘whodunnit’ with a contemporary and entirely plausible ring to it.

I loved the concept of this book, and the beautiful descriptions. I could picture only too well the house, the forest, the lake, even the watcher in the woods. The nine guys spending the weekend together are a motley bunch, each with his own backstory and motivation, intrigue and deep-rooted emotions running pretty close to the surface. Right from the beginning, you wonder: quite how good and how close are these friends?

I enjoyed the banter between friends, the silly antics of Mac and Cody, and even the last-minute betrayal. Really loved them all. There is a scene in a confessional right at the end, so good, it’ll leave you thinking. And then BAM – the ending.

Fully deserving of five stars, Surviving Mancation is one of the few books I’ll likely read again. I recommend it. Scenes of violence and some adult language make it unsuitable for young readers.


7 Replies to “Review: Surviving Mancation, by L.J. Noker”

  1. I love the cover and the title would make me pick this up. It sounds fun. I’m with Carrie, but I do like psychotic killers. ^_^

  2. Quirky title and I like the cover art. I always enjoy movies and books with a bunch guys interacting. No surprise there is a killer but maybe it’s a woman?

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