Review: Good Side of Sin, by K.S. Haigwood

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This book is a K.S. Haigwood classic! Good Side of Sin is the third book in the Save My Soul series and and absolute whirlwind of romance, action and adventure.

This installment of the story follows the adventures of Josselyn as she completes her Line of Defense Academy training and is sent out in the field to bring an undesirable situation under control. The deal with Lucifer is not as good as it seems, and this time he has solid plans to take over Heaven and Earth. His half-souled demons are wreaking havoc on Earth and the angels have been struck by common human afflictions. Should they be even able to lie? Should they want to?

As with the other books in the series, what gives life to all the action are the incredibly well-developed characters. They don’t feel made-up, but real, like normal people, who feel, think, love the same way any of us would.

There is one tiny surprise towards the end of the book, a little link that connects two of Haigwood’s series – I won’t tell you what it is; you’ll  have to read it in order to find out. As its is, it’s perfectly done, and blends the two thus far-separate stories together smoothly.

K.S. Haigwood takes the simple concept of a battle between good and evil and turns it on its head. This riveting read is a rollercoaster of emotion, some of the best writing this author has ever produced. Inspired and original, and gripping till the very end, this is not the kind of read you can come back to later. You’ll want to read it in one go. Genius on the page. I loved it. Five sweet gorgeous stars for Good Side of Sin from me.



I happen to have a little inside knowledge about these books, and I can tell you that book one, Save My Soul, is FREE to download at the moment, and book two, Hell’s Gift, is $2.99. You’d be mad to miss them. Links below.

SMS series

US Save My Soul UK

US Hell’s Gift UK



Another bit of inside knowledge: Kristie Haigwood is preparing to launch her new blog (over and above her current one) on the 1st of January 2014, with promises of chocolate treats and wine… or something like that… for her friends and followers. Here’s where it is. Help yourself, and say I sent you. 🙂


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