Feeling Free on the First!

Hello, my dear friends. First of December – where has this year gone? It seemed more like a couple of hundred seconds than a couple of hundred days…

I’ve experienced so many ups and downs and so many changes. But none as significant as the last three months. The move to rural Ireland has not been the smoothest – and I moved quite a bit in my life (since I met my husband we’ve lived – not visited, but lived and worked – in eight countries so far) – and I can honestly say Ireland is the most magical place I’ve seen. Maybe it’s the leprechauns. Maybe it’s the numerous rainbows, or the gorgeous sunsets. Maybe it’s just me, or the people here – always happy to chat, and never in a hurry.

Look what I see out of my picture window. How could you not LOVE that?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALife is good, even when the world conspires against me. All I have to do is look out the window, or take a walk across the fields, and I’m okay with it all.

Talking about the fields… I always expected my fitness would improve once I start working, as in proper working, the land. So… it may be only bramble clearing for now, but it is hard word, and I feel it. Come spring, I’ll hardly spend a couple of hours indoors anymore.

An unexpected benefit of having so much space is that my creativity knows no bounds. It’s free. I’m free. And it’s the best feeling in the world.

Here are a few snapshots of my field:

Grass weave – ok, I know I won’t win many prizes here – around my newly planted living willow hedge – all done by me
Excess logs for the fire, which don’t fit under cover – all dead wood from around the field plus old fencing – courtesy of my husband, who isn’t letting me touch the saw
It’s the first of December, but this snapdragon doesn’t know it.
And finally, while clearing brambles for a secluded spot for a poly tunnel, I discovered a colony of wrens living in the far wall separating my field from the neighbours’. They told me off for disturbing the peace, but they happily accepted the food offering.
I imagined this yogurt pot would do them for a few days. They almost emptied it in less than 24 hours.

For all of the above, I’m grateful every day! I feel blessed and lucky. Happy Thanksgiving!

15 Replies to “Feeling Free on the First!”

  1. Great to see things are working well for you. Hopefully, in the next year you will be able to spend enough time inside to edit my next offering. 😉 Best wished to you and yours, happy to hear you’re happy.

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