Review: Beatrysel, by Johnny Worthen

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I’m going to start with the last ten percent of this book. Un-believable! I could not stop reading. For a storyline centering around the occult and metaphysical experiences, that fact is spooky in itself. What sort of magic did the author put within those pages?

Beatrysel is the ultimate lover, but she is possessive and feels betrayed. She acts as any woman scorned would act, with only one thought in mind. Incredibly entertaining, and posing truck-fulls of questions, this is not a book you can read in one go.

It starts slowly and for a while I wondered when it would get to the action. But action is not the point of this book. Regardless, I still think the pace could be improved, with an editor’s involvement. The main character, Julian, struggles with a conflict he is not likely to ever resolve, and whilst I could sympathize with his plight, I could not get close enough to him. I wanted to, it’s just that something kept me away.

For a long time, I was in two minds about this novel. It’s different, and original, despite dealing with popular concepts, and I have enjoyed reading it. But I wanted more. The explosive finale brought it up to four stars, and made me intrigued about the author. I’d certainly recommend it and would look for other works from the same author.


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