Review: Logan’s Acadian Wolves, by Kym Grosso

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

This is the fourth book in the Immortals of New Orleans series, and what a lovely addition it is! The best edited book by far, I found it as entrancing as all the others. The author takes the vampire and werewolf paranormal ideas and runs them through a twist of her own, involving genetics, blood mixes and mutations. The result is an interesting perspective, and the fact that paranormal beings are fully accepted and integrated into human society, and can change over from one species to another, makes this wold so much more interesting.

This book starts with a bang, and finishes with a ground-breaking explosion, after plenty of sparks in the middle. I very much enjoyed reading it, as I did Kade, Luca and Tristan’s stories. Not recommended for under-eighteens, and for the rest of the readers – read with the air-con on. Five stars from me.


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