Review: Master Wizard, by James Eggebeen

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Master Wizard, the fourth book in the Apprentice to Master Series, is an epic fantasy story full of dragons, wizards and adventure.

In this latest installment, Lorit and Chihon are presiding over the Wizards’ Council, but not all their insightful suggestions are being taken seriously, as is often the case with young newcomers in the real world, too. Besides work commitments, Lorit has the difficult task of adjusting to life as a man, a man with growing needs which are hard to satisfy in a place almost completely devoid of women. But is that what’s missing anyway?

Gone are the childish tantrums and teenage whims. Chihon’s life is in danger, and the seriousness of this situation forces Lorit to think carefully about what really matters to him. A legend is brought to the fore, a baby dragon needs a mother, and two old Masters make a difficult decision.

There’s not much more I can say without giving away the plot, except that we are being treated to the same smooth writing, perhaps with a more experienced polish, and more mystery and conflict than in the first three books. The effect is beautiful and entrancing, and the more mature aspect of the main characters’ personalities comes as a pleasant and welcome surprise.

I am impressed by the way this series has developed and taken a youngster, a nobody, from his destitute status to that of a leader, a Master Wizard. Combine the delightful scenery with stunning magic and majestic dragons, and you have a wonderful result. I want more from the Apprentice to Master Series. Can we have another book or two, please? I fell in love with this world and its characters.

Easy to identify with, and big on originality and imagination, this is a perfect series for young teens, perhaps, as well as all fantasy lovers. Five shiny stars from me. Highly recommended.


2 Replies to “Review: Master Wizard, by James Eggebeen”

  1. Sounds fun. I miss reading these kind of adventures. Last one I was really into was The Dragonriders of Pern. I still have all of the series and look at them longingly:) Some day I’ll find time to read them once again. I read another series that was really good. I believe it was The Wishstone of Shanara. Have to see if I still have them.

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