New Release and Giveaway: Harvest Moon, an anthology by Tina Pollick and other authors

Harvest Moon Cover Kindle 2

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Krystle Anne

Content with her simple life, there’s nothing Josephine loves more than the fact her favorite season, fall has arrived. She has the perfect house in a quiet neighborhood where people usually keep to themselves, enjoys her career as a dental assistant, and is loved by great friends. Now, if she could only find love with the right man – one that genuinely fits her – she would truly be happy.

Josephine begins to lose all faith in finding that man…that is, until her new neighbor takes a sudden interest in her nightly activities…

While staying ahead of his troubled past, Dominic moves to the quaintest of neighborhoods and finds himself enamored with his neighbor. With piqued interest, he can’t help himself from being drawn to her.

Is she just a distraction from his complicated life, or will she be exactly what she’s been searching for?


Alexa S. Chase

Three years ago, Ellie Callaghan swore off the druidic abilities which caused a horrific accident and the death of her first love and left her hometown in a hurry, vowing never to return. Yet she reluctantly agrees to visit the place of her birth once more to help a cousin in need, not knowing that fate has plans for her and a mysterious man named Micah once she gets there.

Micah is a fallen angel and a prisoner of hell on the road to redemption. A budding friendship between him and Ellie begins to break down every wall the two of them have built themselves over the years. But love will not come easy to these forlorn souls, and Micah may be forced to choose between Ellie and staying out of hell…


Adera Orfanelli

Mira’s had a love-hate relationship with Aaron, her sometimes lover, ever since she left the pack. When Aaron arrives with an offer Mira knows she shouldn’t refuse, she’s torn between giving into her lust, and love, for Aaron or forging her own path.

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Jessica Hartman

Martha Ellingston runs her own antique store in a small Vermont town. When the owner of the local furniture store dies, his entire inventory is sold at auction. Martha attends and acquires several items, purchasing primarily with an eye to reselling, hopefully for considerable profit. She does, however, give in to impulse and purchases an odd pedestal-style coffee table despite the fact she’s uncertain it’s something she could sell in her shop. But when she gets the table to her workroom and takes a look at it, she discovers hidden mechanisms that unlock a secret compartment inside the base – a compartment which holds the body of a man! When the man awakens, will Martha believe his wild tale that he’s a 300 year old vampire and she’s his true mate, or will she call the authorities on him?


Dominica Malcolm

Being murdered wasn’t the end of the world for Prudence. Unfortunately, the purgatory she is sent to is an eternity on Earth as a mermaid. While she makes the most of her predicament, there is one thing that will always eat away at her…

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Nulli Para Ora

Two unlikely shifters, he’s a lion, she’s a tiger. There’s something she wants from the king of the jungle, but she keeps her yearning a secret. Can she set aside appearances and reveal her deepest desire?

Check out more from Nulli Para Ora here:


Yuri Bellamy

Chosen at a young age to breed with the angelic elite, female angel Asa is in love with the wrong kind of male. But now it’s time to make a stand and she must decide:

How far will she go to protect the one she loves?


Elizabeth Rose

Death separated them forever. Or did it? What will it take to reunite them on Halloween night?

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Tina Pollick

One woman set on getting justice.

One man will hide the truth at all costs.

One couple will risk it all to be together.

Check out more from Tina Pollick here:


11 Replies to “New Release and Giveaway: Harvest Moon, an anthology by Tina Pollick and other authors”

    1. *waves from her editing cave* Hi, Sherry! Nice to see you! I’m fighting edits, but I’m still reading. Reviews are stacking up – all I have to do is find the ten minutes to post them. 🙂

    1. hahaha… This is where I should say something about the brilliance of original thought shining from the pages… Yes, sometimes it feels dark and dank, but it’s worth it. 🙂

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