New Release Shout-Out: Beatrysel, by Johnny Worthen – You’ll Love This One!


From Omnium Gatherum Media: Beatrysel, by Johnny Worthen

Adult Thriller/Horror/Occult

ISBN-10: 0615874630
ISBN-13: 978-0615874630

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Also available in paperback

BeatryselWSUnsatisfied with the ancient grimoires, the Magus made his own. Unsatisfied with the ancient demons, the Magus made Beatrysel. She was a creature of love, but there is no love without hate, no light without darkness, no loyalty without betrayal.

And demons covet flesh.

Johnny Worthen’s novel BEATRYSEL is a modern Faust tale set in the American Northwest where the cold winter rain melts the barriers between what is real and what is more real. Beatrysel is a terrifying journey through modern metaphysics, High Magic and ancient religions where secret dreams turn to nightmares when Will becomes Form. Power-hungry magicians, serial killers and scorned lovers must contend with the power of the most beautiful and dangerous Magick in creation– for Beatrysel is a creature of love.

Johnny WorthenAbout the Author:

Johnny Worthen is a lifetime student of the occult. Raised in a secluded suburb of Salt Lake City, he gravitated to the more obscure paths of spiritual knowledge. He is a Freemason, twice Past Master of his Lodge, youngest ever at the time. From the University of Utah Johnny received degrees in English and Classics with a Master’s
Degree in American Studies. He married his junior prom date and together they have two sons. After many varied and interesting careers, Johnny writes full time now. He is the author of a popular
blog, The Blog Mansion. Besides BEATRYSEL, Johnny has four other novel are under contract for publication in 2014 and beyond.


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