Review: Bad Girls, by Michael Chambers

bad girls


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A murder mystery with a thriller element and a dash of St. Trinian charm to it, Bad Girls has proven to be a very enjoyable read.

What a treat! I honestly didn’t expect to love it quite so much. I mean, look at the cover! It doesn’t say ‘murder mystery’ or ‘thriller’ to me. I sort of expect a story about an all-girl school… and the beginning paragraphs are just that. If you read the first few pages and think you’ve made a mistake, you haven’t. Stick with it. It’s such a good read!

Our main character, Katy, joins a school-cum-asylum for badly behaved rich girls as punishment for a misdemeanour, mid-term. She’s acceptant of her fate and all’s fine – if you disregard the bullies – until her fellow students begin to drop like flies.

I loved the descriptions, the narrator’s voice is easy-reading and the dialogues are flowing naturally, but what I enjoyed most of all were the characters. I’d love to have Katy as my close friend. How is it even possible for a male author to capture the essence of spoilt teenage girls so beautifully? Hat off to Michael Chambers for this one.

It took me two sessions to read it end-to-end, and I would have probably finished it in one sitting if it weren’t for work commitments. A very satisfying ending, an enormously fun story, this books fully deserves its five shiny stars. Wholeheartedly recommend it.

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