2013 – Week 32 and What Would it Take?

Hello and welcome to newsletter #32.

It’s been a busy week… Finished round one of editing on two manuscripts – both epic fantasy – and I’m a couple of days away from finishing round two on the Christmas novel. Also done two short betas… well, one beta read and a manuscript evaluation-cum-pointing in the right direction.

Done some reading – do I hear a faint cheer? – and you’ll be able to read the review tomorrow, with a bit of luck. I’ve got a good half dozen novels lined up for reading and reviewing and then I hope to be able to settle into a more humane pace of work for the cold months.

I have a new edit starting September 16th, and since I worked non-stop since August last year, I’m thinking of taking a holiday of sorts – maybe just keep off social media – for a week just before then. I’ll be around… just chillin’…

polar bears chilling


And to give you something to think about, I’m going to throw a quick little poll at you. Anonymous, of course, as usual, so you can tick the box you like with no fear of repercussions – no cookies from me, guys, just chocolate cake! (Who doesn’t like a well-meaning food-fight?)

What brought it on? Well, an article. What else? This week I tripped over this one: Erotic romance author turned down Amazon publishing deal. And it got me thinking.

The above article is about successful self-published author of romantic erotica, Aubrey Rose, who refused a contract from Amazon, saying she would earn more keeping the status quo. Besides spirit, the woman obviously has brains and enough business sense to work it all out – I, for one, admire her.

Her story stirred up memories of other contracts I’ve held in my hands and the pros and cons I had to weigh up, myself, a few years back… well, five books and a few anthologies/e-zines ago.

So, what would you do? Would you sign or would you change nothing? Could a nice shiny contract tempt you away from self-publishing?

Please do not be afraid to vote and comment. I’ve set up the poll so it leaves no cookies, for complete anonymity  I’d love to hear from you.


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