Blog Tour: Morality for Atheists, by M. Adams

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RELIGION AND MORALITY. For far too long, religion has been considered to be a pre-condition of morality and many still believe you could not have one without the other. But what would this mean for atheists, if this were true? What exactly is preventing atheists from going on a murderous rampage? Can atheists be moral?

This short concise book aims to tackle the common misconceptions regarding morality, atheism and religion using reasoned argument and a refreshing slice of humour.



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An easy to understand guide to modern expectations relating to religious beliefs… or lack thereof. While various sectors of the population have been somewhat accepted or at the very least tolerated, atheists are still hated, marginalised, or labelled as criminals, a danger to society.

Arguments brought against these people are nothing short of ridiculous – archaic at best – on a par with claiming trains make the ground shake so bad, eventually the whole planet will crumble to pieces.

In this gentle explanation of human thinking, behaviour and instinctual reactions, the author takes the main charges against non-believers and develops them in well-reasoned arguments, thereby showing the misconceptions behind this outdated, unfounded belief.

Godless does not mean immoral, or criminal, or even unhappy. As it is perfectly normal for a person to believe in something they can only imagine (the old man in the sky who will save you at the end of the world), so it is perfectly normal to not believe in something imaginary.

As it is obvious that not all religious people follow the ten commandments, no one rushes to tarnish all believers with the same brush, so why would religious folk, by and large, refer to non-believers as immoral, or Satanists, or treat them as unreliable, untrustworthy or even dangerous people?

Lastly, the author collates some statistic results which are not meant to be used as definitive proof one way or another, but merely point out that the places on Earth with the highest incidence of people with religious beliefs are also the ones where crime is high, and it would therefore be absurd to claim that non-believers are the perpetrators of these crimes. Morally, non-believers are as strong and straight as anyone else, regardless of whether they have a God in their lives or not.

Misinformation is central to prejudice, so why not pick up and read a few of the extensive works in the Reading List provided at the back of the book, or simply find out more about your fellow human being, be they a man who tells God daily about his good deeds, or a man who only discusses such things with his friends.


About the Author:ย Hi, I’m Mary-Louise Adams. Sometimes I write stuff down and sometimes it makes people laugh. My life goals include getting a bigger place so I can adopt two Great Pyrenees or Bernese Mountain puppies (aww, puppies!) and getting over my fear of pigeons. Thank you.


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