Review: Heartbreak, Tennessee, by Ruby Laska

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Sweet little romance, this novel is an easy read with a bit of fire, but not too much, and a nice flowing rhythm.

The plot is limited and follows the usual teens separated – later reunited pattern, but it’s fresh in its delivery and a satisfying read.

I enjoyed getting into the characters’ heads. Amber and Mac are unable to stay away from each other, yet the air needs to be cleared before they are entirely comfortable with each other. A couple of secondary characters are fun to read, too, and the local small-town folk sounds realistic.

That brings me to the descriptions. I loved them. That’s it, simply put. The author got the atmosphere just right and I genuinely felt like I was the one wandering the streets of Heartbreak, Tennessee. Beautifully-done.

All in all, I have enjoyed this book and I have read it in only two sittings. The writing was clean, the voice easy-reading, editing good… The only thing that will keep it away from the maximum five stars is the feeble plot. I recommend this book for a day of lazy reading. Four stars.


One Reply to “Review: Heartbreak, Tennessee, by Ruby Laska”

  1. I like the flirty cover art and the title caught my attention. Sounds like a fun summer read. Thanks for your review, Ella!

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