2 Replies to “I’m Visiting Sarah Marie Cradit Today!”

  1. Read the guest post and loved it! Write for your readers – it should be the first thing every writer understands even before they start writing that precious novel of theirs. But sadly very few actually follow this, simply because they feel they are constricting their voice or “going commercial”. All I gotta say is there is no greater feeling of satisfaction in the world than watching a fan excitedly speak about your book to others and say that it was the best spent eight hours of their life. Because in the end we write books that we love to read… so we are writing both for ourselves and those select people in the world who love the same things as we do. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ria. I remember the confusion I felt while preparing my first book for the eyes of an agent. But it’s hard to think logically when you’re under so much pressure to impress… the wrong people, sadly… Which is why I now self-publish. 🙂

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