Review: Secrets of the Hanged Man, by Bruce Blake

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Book three in the Icarus Fell series, this is the most enjoyable one of the lot, and just as crazy and non-stop as the rest of Bruce Blake’s books.

Unable to get back into Hell, Ric is faced with problems of a different kind, though he doesn’t seem to have gained any immunity from monsters.

I won’t give the plot away, but I will say I loved it! There are twists at every corner, people are not who you think they are, and Ric’s methods of dealing with life are as hilarious as ever. Add to that a new character in the shape of Dido, a young girl who acts above her years, and you get wall-to-wall entertainment. Did I mention I love Ric’s dry humour?

What else can you expect from this book? Beautifully well-developed characters, personal lives observed and depicted exceedingly well, the usual flowing dialogue, highly-imaginative situations and, of course, monsters from hell.

I can’t fault Bruce Blake’s writing in any way. This is easily a five-star book. Highly recommended.


Bruce has an offer going, too. Pop over to his page and have a look.


One Reply to “Review: Secrets of the Hanged Man, by Bruce Blake”

  1. Cool cover. The books sound interesting. I haven’t heard of Bruce Blake before, but will hop on over and check him out. ^_^

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