2013 – Week 28 and I’m Ready

Hello and welcome to newsletter number 28.

This is the week! Book #5 will be out on Friday and I can’t wait. There is going to be a party with games and prizes and silliness. I’ll post the link as soon as I get it. You are all invited.

My blogger friends have been generous with their blog space and are helping me spread the word, and I’ve got approximately twenty new guest posts to write in the next day or two. 15000 words. Easy!

By the way, do you like the cover? Do you? Do you? Do you?

Blood is power print cover 14072013-page-001

I think it fits perfectly after Book 1:


Now, let me tell you more about the rest of the week.

Editing – doing fine. This is going to be a lovely Christmas story, once we finish polishing it.

Blogging and reading – a bit off the tracks during last week, as proofing and preparing the manuscript for publishing took a huge chunk of my time (when I wasn’t editing). I’m actually looking forward to splitting my time between reading for review and editing again, as per usual.

So, fear not my gorgeous authors on my TBR – I’ll get back to my reading asap.


If you’d like to support the event on Friday in any way – by spreading the word, joining in, or even donating an ebook of your choice – I would be grateful. And if you can post about my release any time after the 19th, I shall love you forever. Actually, I already love you forever – you know that. I know. I will make ARCs available for review right away – let me know if you’re interested. My inbox is always open (address on my Know Me Better page), or leave a comment below.


PS – can you guess what the last book in the trilogy will be called?

(Tip – you’ll find the answer in Blood is Power)


4 Replies to “2013 – Week 28 and I’m Ready”

  1. 15000 words of guest posts – are you crazy, girl?
    Ella, send me an email if you’d like to post on my blog next week. Book covers, blurbs, an intro from you or something like that?

  2. As if you don’t have enough writing to do!! LOL YES!YES!YES! I love the cover art and YES I want to read and review! You know that!LOL
    So happy for you Ella and will do a post about your new release right after the 19th!

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