Quick Update

I’ve been working on (read ‘bashing head on any available hard surface’) the bits and pieces that live on the fringes of any new release and I think I’m nearly there. I am considering adding in some exclusive/bonus material, but that one’s still in the air.

I also want to re-release book 1, do the paperback for it, too. Then there’s the uploading on various sites… I so don’t want to do this! Help! Someone save me! Writing the hardest book in my writing career was easy-peasy by comparison. Oh, well. I’ll live.

In the meantime, because I love you and don’t want you to be disappointed, I’m pasting a link to a fun – and oh, so true! – article. You should read it. I know I saw myself in there somewhere.

10 Ways for an ADD Writer to be OOH! SHINY!…Productive

And if you ever work out an easy way to do the release thing… let me know. I’ll be forever grateful.

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