2013 – Week 26 and It’s Done!

Hello and welcome to newsletter number 26.

I’ve done it! It’s done! It’s complete! I’ve finished re-writes and edits on Blood is Power. How awesome is that? I am so happy, literally hopping for joy. Makes typing a helluva time-consuming! Consider yourselves lucky that you can’t see me right now!

hoppingSo, as I was saying, this week I did nothing but write, edit and re-write. And lose my list of beta-readers somewhere in the ether – or maybe in another dimension! – but I’ve still got seven betas, plus a fan of book one who’d rather not wait until release day. (Love and hugs, Ava).

That’s my news, and I’m ecstatic! Did I mention that?

Patti is tidying up my cover – look below – and definitely doing a brilliant job. Loving it now, with all its new frills.

New BIP cover dblCan’t wait till the 19th!

Really, must I? Are you sure? I’m so excited! You couldn’t tell, could you?




3 Replies to “2013 – Week 26 and It’s Done!”

  1. Hey Ella! Are you shouting from the rooftop? Thought I heard ya and came over here to see what’s up! LOL
    So happy it’s done and that cover art sure is looking sharp!
    I can’t wait for the nineteenth either!
    Congratulations my friend and yippee for me too! The wait is almost over:)
    Set off plenty of fireworks in celebration.

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