THE END – What Do These Words Do To You?

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Today I’ve written the dreaded words at the end of another manuscript.

I should feel elated.

I should feel proud.

Instead, I feel… sad… I feel like crying.

Someone once told me that not everything I analyse will necessarily make sense, or have a meaning. Still, I can’t help it. I don’t understand why I feel this way, so I’ve tried to come up with what these words – THE END – mean to me.

THE END means…

  • …just that – the last of something
  • …I’m tired, because I’ve pushed myself too hard (again)
  • …I’m rudderless, at least for a while
  • …I’ve got to rediscover the outside world – scary!
  • …no excuse for putting off promo work
  • …formatting
  • …blurbs
  • …uploading to various platforms
  • …chewing my nails, waiting for readers’ opinions
  • …pressure to come up with something better next time

What does it mean to you, fellow writers, when you write those words? And as a reader? How do you feel?

~~~ I shall have Blood is Power ready for beta readers on Monday, 1st. Leave me a comment below if you want to be one. ~~~

7 Replies to “THE END – What Do These Words Do To You?”

  1. I love this post Ella. I have not finished my series yet. I am on book 4 but I can only imagine how I will feel when my characters (my babies) have all grown up and will be sent off into the stratoshpere of imagination. The only consolation is to know that hopefully they will bring entertainment and emotions for years to come for whoever reads about them. I can comfort myself with that thought. I know the marketing is a challenge, it’s killing me right now so I understand your hesitence to embarque on that trip. Fear not Ella, when you sit down to write another story, when the first rays of another idea shine on you, you will be over your sadness and ready for a new adventure!!!

    1. Thank you, Emma. I’m starting to wonder whether I should try novellas. Mind you, with this book, I’ve been trying to write ‘The End’ since about 60,000 words. (I’ve skipped 80,000 and I always add stuff in the edits). Maybe I should try short stories – end up with novellas! πŸ™‚

  2. When I write the end, I feel satisfied and elated that I’m finally finished. It’s a good feeling I try to bask in for at least a day or two because I know I have a ton of editing to do. I tend to keep notes in the top of my file on anything I feel I may need to look at again or rework to fit better into the overall structure, so I know typing the end really just means more work to do in a few days. But, for me, it feels good to type it. It means the first part is done.

    1. I feel better today, with a quarter of the edits done. I like the story, I like the writing (how narcissistic of me, I know!), and I didn’t add too many more words to what was there before. It’s gonna be a good book.

      I guess yesterday I just felt the whole weight of having finished a project that was not easy. In fact, this was the hardest writing I’ve ever done. I was trying to add up all the hours of research that went into this book, and it was something like a whole week’s worth, no breaks. I really should stick to something that comes easier! πŸ™‚

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