2013 – Week 24 and release day is getting nearer!

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Hello and welcome to newsletter number 24.

This week I’ve been working my little imaginary socks off (I hate wearing the real kind) and I am now very close to finishing Blood is Power. I’ve started work on the ending.

Only I’m not sure I want to finish this book. It’s become my best friend, and I don’t want to share it – you know, a bit like chocolate.

I’ve decided that I could start writing Tequila’s story while I research more in depth the material needed for my next book – remember the sci-fi you voted for in this poll back in April? I’m keeping it open until release day, so you can still sneak a vote in if you want to, for a week or so.

Editing – another edit finished, and it’s a very good book. The next two are booked for July. (So you see, I HAVE to get Blood is Power out there by the end of this month.)

I’ve read very little this week – too busy dreaming action scenes – but I did manage to post some reviews of books I’ve read a while ago and never had the chance to review.

boomerangThe new thing I’ve discovered this week is a sweet little program – boomerang – which I have already started to rely on a lot. It’s helped me get my inbox down from around 700 to 19 in a couple of days. Brilliant. I recommend. Watch the demo here.

I’m also going to spend some time tidying up the blog a little, but again, that might have to wait until the book is out. It will make it easier to locate older posts, and will also incorporate some widgets to keep track of my next books. I like seeing clear progress (when I have any to show).

Now… would you like a little snippet from my wip?



He turned and skipped down to the sand in a flash; she didn’t even have time to kick him in the balls. Tequila watched him have a quick conversation with the doctor, then the guy bowed slightly and took his leave, without his case.

Dollar placed the doctor’s bag on the seat and clicked it open. He picked up an instrument looking suspiciously like a scalpel, then put it back down, only to pick up another.

A small squeak of fear escaped her, and then she pushed back, doing her best to put as much distance between herself and the demon advancing on her.

“Action!” Dollar shouted. Then, quieter, to her. “Oh, I will enjoy watching your end, Precious. Every single second of it. Every cut, every lick of blood, every morsel of flesh that drops off your body.”

Tequila felt her eyes bulge out of their sockets, she was that terrified. And still, the beast walked nearer. He sneered, and then lifted up the scalpel until it was level with his chin.

“Don’t forget to scream,” he whispered.


2 Replies to “2013 – Week 24 and release day is getting nearer!”

  1. Hey Ella. Whichever project you finish first, I’ll be doing a jig to that old song Tequila! Remember it? The whole song was music with one word, Tequila!

    Our interview will be posted this week. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll send you the link:)

    You’ve been warned! lol Just kiddin:)

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