Author Spotlight: Bethany Daniel

mandyHello and welcome, dear friends. New on my blog, please welcome author Bethany Daniel.

Bethany Daniel lives in Tx with her husband and 2 sons. She enjoys reading, photography and of course, writing. Bethany really found the passion for writing again this last year and came up with the idea for Reconnected after years of following Hollywood gossip and reading books about girls always chasing the guys and thought it would be nice for it to be the other way around. She is currently writing Disconnected, the story of Reconnected from Liam’s POV.



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Description: A fast paced love story!
Katy Warren thought her life was perfect. Then her new husband, and also highschool sweetheart, gets discovered while theater acting and gets swept away to Hollywood. Once there, things change. Liam throws himself into the Hollywood life and ignores Katy.

One night after a particularly crazy party, Katy can’t take it anymore and leaves Liam and his celebrity behind but doesn’t get an official divorce.

Four years later, Liam goes to Georgia for filming and crosses paths with Katy again. But now she’s just Kate and she has a boyfriend and she doesn’t want anything to do with her marriage. Liam has other plans.

Coming Soon: Disconnected – Liam’s POV!


Here’s what the readers had to say about Reconnected:

“I enjoyed what I read, just needed more” – Lost Island of Book Reviews

“A fun and sweet read that is perfect for any book lover’s summer reading list.” Bibliophile Book Reviews for Indie and Established Authors

“As a blogger it’s nice sometimes to have a straight forward love story that can be enjoyed right until the very end and that’s exactly what I did in this case.” – Rose’s Book Blog




“Babe, let’s go! I have to be to the theater in 30 minutes!” Liam yelled from down the hall and I took one last look in the mirror and ran towards him grabbing my sweater along the way.

“Ok, ok….I’m ready! Are you nervous about tonight?” I asked him grabbing his hand and walking towards our little rundown car.

He took a deep breath as he fiddled with the keys in his pocket and opened each door. “I don’t know. I mean, everyone is talkin’ about the Hollywood scouts being in the audience tonight. It would be amazing to be noticed by them, you know? The theater isn’t horrible by any means.” he smiled softly and started driving towards the theater. “But you can bet I’m going to do my damned best tonight.”

I laugh and squeeze his hand. “You do great every night baby, that’s why EVERYONE is always talking about you and why everybody keeps coming back to watch you over and over. I’m very proud of you, you know.”

He flashed me a wide grin and we drove the rest of the way in silence. Once we arrived at the theater, Liam gave me one last kiss and looked towards the backstage. “Here goes nothing.” he whispered and squeezed me tight.

“Good luck! Not that you need it.” I smiled and waved at him and went to find my seat.

All around me people were buzzing about the Hollywood people being here. I didn’t see anyone that really screamed Hollywood Exec to me, but I was positive they were somewhere with a great seat of the show.

Around an hour later, the show started and everyone sat riveted to the actors. I felt just as nervous as they did as I noticed them sneak a glance in the audience for the scouts. Liam really did do an even better job tonight then before if that was even possible.

After the show, I ran backstage and gave him a tight hug and quick kiss. “You did great babe!” I whispered in his ear as some people I didn’t recognize moved through the crowd and stopped in front of us.

“Mr. Warren? I’m Mitchell Fallon, I’m a talent scout for Excite Entertainment of L.A and we would really like to talk with you.” he smiled and I felt Liam take a deep breath.

“Uh, Yes sir, where would you like to talk?” he asked as he grabbed my hand.

“There’s a meeting room down the hall. We can talk….privately.” he muttered looking down at me like I was some kind of groupie.

I raised my eyebrow and smiled softly. “Mr. Fallon, I’m Liam’s wife.” I emphasized the last word and looked him in the eye. “I’m sure it would be ok for me to sit in on the conversation?”

“Oh…yes, of course.” he nodded and walked ahead of us.

“Is this really happening?” Liam whispered leaning into me.

I giggled and nodded. “Uh-huh….I think it really is.”

A couple months later, everything was happening in a whirlwind. There were contracts, photo shoots for head shots, interviews and script readings. It didn’t take long for Liam to have a large entourage and for me to be pushed into the background often.

One night, Liam came home from yet another company hosted party, obviously trashed and I looked over at him shaking my head.

“Liam, what the heck is happening?” I asked tucking a loose strand of his hair back.

“What do you mean?” he slurred and flopped over on his back. “We’re living the life baby!” he laughed and pulled a blanket up and over his face.

I gently pulled it down and looked down at him sadly. “What if I don’t want this life? What if it’s just not what I pictured for our lives?”

He snorted and rolled over. “It’s all part of the package baby, get used to it.”

The very next night when I came home from doing some sight-seeing, I found our home overflowing with drunk women, and many of them hanging all over my husband. Not to mention a bunch of people standing around smoking and drinking who knows what.

“Liam Elliott Warren, what the hell is going on?!” I yelled storming through the room shoving half-dressed girls out of the way as I went.

“We’re hosting a party! You know, rubbing elbows and all that.” he smiled and took a sip of wine from his glass.

“Are you kidding me? You have women all over you right now….” I shook my head and started for the stairs.

“Where you going, Katy?” He asked leaning against the couch.

Taking a deep breath, I wiped my eyes and looked directly at him. “To our room, and I’m going to pack a suitcase. If this “party” isn’t over in the next couple of hours, I’m leaving. I can’t do this.”

“Baby, you know I love you, right?” he asked and took a step towards the stairs and motioned his arms around. “This is just business.”

I sniffled and shook my head running to our room and started shoving my things into a large suitcase.

Several hours later, the music was still thumping, and girls were still giggling and I could hear Liam murmuring to them. He didn’t even bother to come talk to me.

By the time I came out of the room around nine the next morning, the house was a disaster and there was a note on the table from Liam saying he had left for set to start filming.

So I did exactly what I told him I’d do. With tears streaming down my face, I turned his note over and wrote on the back “I’m leaving. I hope you have all the successes you’ve ever wanted. I won’t be along for this crazy ride. Goodbye, Love, Katy”

With one final look around, I rubbed some tears away and walked out of Liam Warren’s life


Connect with Bethany Daniel here:


Twitter: @author_bethanyd



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