The Exchange Bucket

A short story to warm your soul. Same goes for writers. A little means such a lot! Enjoy! 🙂


Years ago I sent out the following in an email to family. Now I think I might take this little story and turn it into a larger one. Either way, I wanted to share it with you today:

I finally have a neighbor I like that likes me, or at least pretends to. We see each other in random passing’s, usually on our way out of or into our houses. Sometimes we are rushed and can only manage a quick wave or smile and a ‘Hi!’…but I really like the days we seem to catch each other at good times and can chat for a few minutes about our kids (they have two young boys) or our yards (theirs looks much nicer than ours!) or our below par sewer systems and drainage ways. The normal friendly neighbor stuff.
This season, however, the fruit trees in both of our yards have been…

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